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  • Description

  • Wasabi powder is a typical hot Japanese spice blend
  • You can make a Wasabi paste with it or use it as a spice blend
  • It has a hot taste and is typically used with raw fish
  • Try it in salad dressings or mix it with vinegar for veggies

Wasabi powder, d'Hataka, Japan - buy Japanese spices in our online shop.

What is genuine Wasabi?

Wasabi, in its original form, is the Japanese plant Eutrema japonicum. It is a rhizome (root crop) and has a taste similar to that of horseradish. Wasabia japonica or Japanese radish is a plant of Japanese origin that belongs to the Brassicaceae family, specifically H. Crocifera.

Wasabi is a typical Japanese spice, and its Japanese name means "the rose of the mountain." It is one of the most commonly used spices in Japanese cuisine. It is known for its spiciness, which can bring tears to your eyes (hence its nickname, Namida, which means tear).

Wasabia japonica: its origin

The production of original Wasabia japonica is minimal and not sufficient to meet Japanese consumption. The pure product is also quite expensive. Additionally, fresh wasabi has a short shelf life, lasting only a few days.

Another challenge is that the flavor diminishes quickly, as the initially greenish root turns neutral and white after drying. Only in high-end Japanese restaurants, where the prices for sushi are significantly different than elsewhere, can you fully appreciate the original form of this spice. In Japan, those who require fresh wasabi are precise about its exact consumption, down to the gram.

The secret of the various imported wasabi powders on the market lies in the type and amount of rhizome used. There are dozens of rhizomes and multi-radishes worldwide. Even in Italy, horseradish is produced, particularly in the regions of Basilicata and Piedmont. However, the flavors of different horseradish types vary significantly depending on the variety, country, and climate. It's best to try them and decide which wasabi flavor you prefer.

Wasabi powder - delicate japanese spice blends

Wasabi powder must contain mustard and antioxidants to preserve the ground rhizome. It should also have a natural green color, as we are accustomed to eating wasabi in its green form.

There is a tendency for confusion among the different forms of wasabi powder available on the market. Our spice blend is more expensive than other options, but it comes from a Japanese manufacturer using Japanese horseradish rhizomes. We have tried various Asian producers who used rhizomes from other regions, and the taste is quite different. The most expensive option turned out to be the best for us.

How to make Wasabi paste from powder?

Wasabi powder is commonly used as a side dish with raw fish, such as sushi or sashimi. The powder is mixed with water or dissolved in soy sauce at the table to create a smooth paste. For sushi, a small amount is typically spread on top of the "cylinder" using chopsticks. In sashimi, the paste can be mixed with soy sauce for dipping the raw fish.

It is traditionally served with sushi and sashimi but also pairs well with other types of fish. You can even mix it with an egg yolk and butter to create a delicate sauce for chicken or rabbit.


The ingredients of our Wasabi powder include Japanese horseradish (Kona Wasabi) 70.3%, mustard flour 28.6%, turmeric, antioxidant: E300, mustard extract, 0.1% Wasabi Japonica, acid E330, and natural color: E133.

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