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Wasabi powder, d'Hataka, Japan - buy Japanese spices in our online shop.

  • Wasabi powder is a typical hot Japanese spice blend
  • you may make a Wasabi paste with it or use as a spice blend
  • hot in taste typically used for raw fish
  • try in Salad dressing, in vinegar for veggies

What is genuine Wasabi?

The wasabi, in its original form, is the Japanese plant, Eutrema japonicum. It is a rhizome (root crop) and has a taste similar to that of horseradish. Wasabia japonica or Japanese radish is a plant of Japanese origin that belongs to the Brassicaceae family, i.e., H. Crocifera.

It is a typical Japanese spice, and its Japanese name means "the rose of the mountain," and it is one of the most used spices in Japanese cuisine. It is also very spicy and is, therefore, also called Namida, which means tear. This spice, due to its sharpness, also makes tears roll.

Wasabia japonica: its origin

The original Wasabia japonica production is minimal and is not even sufficient for Japanese consumption. The prices for the pure product are prohibitive. But the real problem with this excellent spice is that it only lasts a few days if you want to eat it fresh.

Another problem is its rapid loss of taste since the initially greenish root becomes neutral and white after drying. Only in restaurants at the highest Japanese level, where sushi has completely different prices than what we know here, you could learn to appreciate the product in its original form. Anyone who needs this fresh spice in Japan knows its exact consumption, even down to the gram.

The secret of the various wasabi powders imported and marketed today is the type and amount of the rhizome used. There are dozens of rhizomes / multi-radishes in the world. Even in Italy, there is a production of horseradish. Precisely in the region of Basilicata and Piedmont. But the flavors of the different types of horseradish change considerably depending on the model, country, and climate. Try and decide for yourself which wasabi you like.

Wasabi powder - delicate spice blends

The wasabi powder must contain mustard and antioxidants to preserve the ground rhizome. Plus, there is the natural color, like a culinary costume, which we are used to eating it in green color.

There is a tendency to create a great deal of confusion between the various forms of powders on the market. Our Spice blend is more expensive than the other offerings on the market. But our wasabi powder comes from a Japanese manufacturer with Japanese rhizomes of horseradish.

We tried different Asian producers that used rhizomes from other regions, the taste is very different, and the one that was the most expensive is also the best for us.

How to make Wasabi paste from powder?

Everyone uses Wasabi powder as a side dish with raw fish, namely sushi or Sashimi. The spice powder is mixed with water or dissolved in soy sauce at the table to make a fine paste. As a rule, it is coated with chopsticks in sushi, a small amount over the "cylinder," in Sashimi you like to dissolve the spice in soy sauce, in which you dip the raw fish.

 It is served with sushi and Sashimi, but tastes very good with any other fish. Heat it with an egg yolk and some butter, and you will get a very delicate sauce for chicken or rabbit.


(Japanese horseradish (Kona Wasabi) 70.3%, mustard flour 28.6%, turmeric, antioxidant: E300, mustard extract, 0.1% Wasabi Japonica, acid E330 Natural color: E133
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