Wasabi Powder

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Wasabi  "Rose of the mountain", is the Japanese name for Wasabi. It is one of the most used spice in Japan. It is so hot that it is also called Namida which means tear. Buy here online in our Spice Shop for Exquisite Spices.

Wasabi powder is mixed with water or soja sauce which gives you the famous wasabi paste. Wasabi paste is used for Sushi, Sashimi or any other fish dishes
(japanischer Meerrettich (Kona Wasabi) 72%, Senf (Senfsaat, Maisstärke), Antioxidationsmittel: Ascorbinsäure (E300) Farbstoffe: Tartrazin (E102*) Brillant Blue  E133
*kann Aktivität und Aufmerksamkeit bei Kindern beeinflussen

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