Himalayan Crystal Salt

Salt Diamonds - Himalaya
Salt from Pakistan

Himalayan Crystal Salt, Salt Diamonds from Kashmir      

From the underground Salt deposits of Khewra, Himalaya, Pakistan Buy online in our spice Shop 

The Crystal Salt comes from the salt mines of Khewra's from Pakistan

Salt diamonds from Pakistan, pink rock salt for the salt mill.

What are salt diamonds?

Salt diamonds are pink salt crystals that contain iron ions, therefore they have their pink color. It is a rock salt from the salt mines of Khewra.

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Where do the salt diamonds come from?

The crystal salt comes from the salt mines of Khewra. This is located in the salt marshes of Pakistan in the province of Pujab. The Himalaya Mountains are located about 200 km northeast of Punjab.

In the time of Alexander the Great 350 years before Christ, the salt mines were discovered in Khewra.

The salt diamonds are fossils that formed over thousands of years in the rocks of the underground caves. As the water level dropped over the years, the caves dried up and left bizarre salt formations.

These mines are the largest and oldest existing salt mines in the world. The salt rock is over 200 million years old.

Has the salt been refined?

Salt diamonds from Pakistan are a pure natural product and have not been refined.

The salt rock occurs in different colors: red, pink and white. The location in the mountain determines the color of the salt diamonds, but the structure remains unchanged.

Salt diamonds mixed with flowers and herbs

Orlando Idea also offers them the salt diamonds mixed with flowers and herbs. These are very delicate mixtures that give your food an additional component of the ingredient. The salt diamonds not only look beautiful in an elegant salt mill, they also taste very fine without the traditional biting salty taste.

Culinary use of salt

Crystal Salt is used like all other salts. You can grind the salt crystals in a salt mill to use as a table salt. The coarse-grained salt can also be added to the boiling water of rice, pasta and soups.