Crystal Salt from Pakistan

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Crystal salt from Pakistan - old trade name Himalayan salt

Crystal salt from Pakistan was in Europe, and the United States sold under the trade name Himalayan salt. This name was banned here because they extract this salt from the salt mines in Kewhra, located in the Salt Mountains, and they are only the geological foothills of the Himalayas. Otherwise, the name Himalayan Salt misleads the customer.

Crystal salt from Pakistan - ancient trade name: Himalayan salt

Crystal salt from Pakistan is known in Europe and the US under the trade name Himalayan salt. This name was banned in Europe, because this salt is extracted from the salt mines in Kewhra, which are located in the Salt Mountains. Geological they are the foothills of the Himalayas. The name Himalayan salt can mislead the customer.

Other, but not so well-known names for this salt are also Alexander salt, because the salt mines were discovered in the time of Alexander the Great, as well as Lahore salt which is a city near the mining area.

What makes crystal salt from Pakistan special?

The salt diamonds, as I like to call them, are a natural rock salt, it is not refined. It comes in different shades. The color spectrum ranges from a transparent to pale pink, flesh colors to a red color.

The color depends on the amount of iron ions stored in the salt. Meat red (95,96 & NaCI) pink (98,86% NaCI) or white gray (98,65% NACI) (Source: Wikipedia

Taste of crystal salt

Its taste is milder than commercial table salt, it does not have the acrid aftertaste. It is strong and full-bodied. It's a nice table salt in a decorative salt mill.

It can completely replace the common salt and is suitable for all meals.


Like any salt, this salt is also moisturizing and should therefore be well sealed in a container. It's best to keep it dark, dry and cool.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

The Salt deposits in Khewra were discovered by the Great Alexander 350 years before Christi. Salt crystals- diamonds- are fossils. They formed over thousand of years in the rocks of the Himalaya Mountains. These Salt deposits are the oldest and largest of the world. The Salt Crystals (fossils) are over 200 million years old and are Halite-Crystals.  The Salt Crystals are 100 % natural and very good for the health They come in different colors from red-pink to white.

1Kg Salt Crystals- diamonds contain:

  • 10,9 mg Magnesium
  • 36,2 mg Calcium
  • 36,6 mg Potassium
  • 4,11 mg Iron


You can use it like any other salt for cooking. 

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