Blue Fenugreek - melilot ground

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Blue Fenugreek flavor cheese, bread & dips

  •   Blue Fenugreek Spice of Georgian, Austrian and Swiss cuisine
  •   tastes strongly spicy and bitter-bitter
  •   Ideal for cheese dishes, seasoning Schüttelbrot, Vinschgau flatbread, spreads made  from quark and cream cheese, salads

Blue Fenugreek popular bread spice in Switzerland and South Tyrol.

What is Blue Fenugreek?

Blue Fenugreek (Trigonella caerulea) belongs to the plant family (Fabaceae) and has its origin in the Caucasus and the Mediterranean. It is an upright, hollow, annual herbaceous plant with a 20-60 cm stature height.

It also has the following names:
• In Switzerland, it is called Zigerklee, Zigerkraut
• In South Tyrol, it is called gypsy herb
 • Blue melilot

How does blue fenugreek taste?

Our finely ground blue fenugreek is a natural product without additives. It has an intensely spicy and bitter-bitter taste reminiscent of curry and goes well with cheese and bread. Many know it from the Swiss Schabzigers, which is a cheese seasoned with Trigonella caerulea.

What can you replace Trigonella caerulea with?

The Trigonella caerulea can be replaced with ground fenugreek if you don't have it on hand. However, fenugreek has a much more intense taste and should be used more sparingly.

What is blue fenugreek used for?

Blue fenugreek is a spice. Its spicy aroma flavors cheese casseroles, cheese sauces with vegetables, or spreads with cream cheese. In Switzerland, they make Schabzigerklee cheese. In South Tyrol, the blue fenugreek gives the Schüttelbrot its characteristic taste. It is a dry and, above all, crispy flatbread. It is made from rye flour, water, spices (fennel, anise, caraway, salt, coriander, and blue fenugreek). The Vinschgau flatbread is also made with this spice. You can also use this spice to refine pancakes, waffles, savory baked goods, salads, cheese dishes, dips, and spreads made from a quark or cream cheese.

What other spices does bread clover go well with?

Bread clover goes well with the typical bread spices such as anise, caraway, fennel, and coriander. It also goes well with fenugreek, nutmeg, pepper, and chili.

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