Coconut flakes - Cocos nucifera

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Coconut flakes

  • Coconut flakes for baking, ice-making
  • Asian, Indian dishes
  • for muesli, smoothies, as toppings

Buy coconut flakes and create delicious desserts

The coconut rasps have a distinctive light nut taste and send us mentally directly to the sea. This delicious and, above all, exotic flavor is a must-have for someone who loves to bake. Coconut flakes are ideal for making aromatic cakes and pies. You can sprinkle them as toppings on ice, muesli, or fruit desserts. Furthermore, coconut flakes aromatize chocolates, such as that known as Raffaello.

In the cold season, you can also make curry with them as an ingredient. Asian, Indian, and Indonesian cuisine use them in combination with coconut milk in their spicy dishes.

At Christmas, you can also make delicious coconut macaroons or cookies with it.

The Coconut flakes may flavor cakes, biscuits, muesli, and other desserts. They have a delicate nut flavor, and you can add them easily to your dishes. They refine the famous chocolates Raffaelo and summer fresh cocktails and are a well-known ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine, especially in conjunction with coconut milk.

Coconut flakes botany and origin

Grated Coconut - Cocos nucifera is the stone fruit of the coconut palm. The drupes of the palm trees weigh up to 2.5 kg and have a triangular shape.

The coconut palm has a stature height of up to 30 meters. It grows in the tropics, usually near the sea.

Did you know that the whole coconut is processed?

The outer shell of the coconut is not eatable, but it is in use as an insulating material for building houses. By the way, the whole coconut palm is recyclable. With the tribes, they create furniture or boats. The leaves of the palm serve for the production of roofs. And the outer shells of the nuts are used to produce, among other buttons.

The edible part of the coconut

The interior of the coconut itself is suitable for consumption. This inner part carries the Name Endosperm, where there are a liquid and a solid of it. The liquid endosperm is the coconut water, and the solid endosperm is the coconut meat. The coconut meat is dried and then commercially available as flakes or chips or further processed into coconut oil.

For grated coconut, the coconut meat is dried and grated. It refines many dishes in India, Thailand, and Indonesia. In India, for example, it is used to make thick sauces. In Germany, it is used more for baking cakes and biscuits. In addition, coconut meat produces three products for retail.

  • Flakes
  • Chips
  • Coconut oil
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