Coconut flakes

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The Coco - coconut flakes are used for  ice - making as well as for baking of cakes and pies.

Coconut flakes are used as an ingredient in many Asian, Indian, African, South American and Indonesian dishes.

Coconut rasp from the coconut - Cocos nucifera is the stone fruit of the coconut trees. It has a height of up to 30 meters. The stone fruits weigh up to 2.5 Kg and have a triangular shape. The outer mantle of the coconut is not consumable, but the inner of the coconut itself. This inner part is called endosperm, where there is a liquid and a solid part. The liquid endosperm is the coconut water and the solid endosperm is the coconut.

For coconut, the coconut is dried and grated. It refines many dishes in India, Thailand and Indonesia. In India, for example, it is used for thickening sauces. It is used for baking.