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Wild Assam Pepper from India is something special.

What is Wild Assam Pepper?

Wild Assam Pepper (lat. Piper mullesua) is one subtype of Long pepper and comes from the rainforest's of the Indian state of the same name Assam. The complete production is carried out by hand. After the elaborate harvest, this delicate pepper is washed, dried and sorted. It resembles a blackberry and is used as a spice in fine dining and is a true pepper rarity.

What does Wild Assam pepper taste like? And what do I take it for?

Wild Assam pepper has a scent edunding and taste spicy fresh. In the end, it leaves a ting sensation on his tongue. This exclusive pepper variety is particularly suitable for refining strong meat dishes such as deer goulash, wild boar or lamb. This pepper refines dark roast sauces, also winter vegetables or fresh pineapple and strawberries.

Try it out for greasy fish such as salmon or mackerel. He will delight them with his sparkling and smoky aroma.

As a vegetarian, you should definitely enjoy it on cheese in combination with a fruit spread.

This great pepper is also well suited in combination with other peppers in a spice mill.

Wilder Assam pepper is something very special. It looks like a small blackberry, tastes spicy fresh and tingles on the tongue. Buy bags from 50 gr to 0.5 kg

Where is the state of Assam located?

The state of Assam is located in the north-eastern part of India and is located in the middle of the seven sister states of India, which are connected to the main country by a narrow corridor. This state is as large as the Czech Republic and belongs to the medium-sized states of India. Here not only the Assam pepper but also the well-known Assam tea grows. This is part of the East Frisian tea blend known to us. Assam produces almost half of India's total tea.

How do I store spices?   

Please fill all the spices in airtight containers. Personally, I prefer glasses. Store the spice glasses dark, cool and dry

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