Cumeo Pepper from Nepal

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Cumeo Pepper from Nepal buy  on-line in our spice shop - package sizes from 25 gr - 1 Kg.

Our Cumeo Pepper comes from Nepal

What is Cumeo Pepper?

Cumeo pepper is the fruit of the Lindera Neesiana plant, who is a genus of laurel family (Lauraceae). There are about 100 species of Lindera, who grow mainly in Asia. The Lindera Neesiana is a deciduous tree with a stature height of 5-8 meters. In the summer it carries 6-8 mm large red fruits, the Cumeo pepper. After harvest, the Cumeo pepper is dried. During drying it changes its color, from the original red to brown - black.

Where does the pepper come from?

Cumeo pepper comes from Nepal. It grows wild at an altitude of 1200 m to 2700 meters in the Himalayas and in the Subtropical Rain forest of Nepal - North India.

How does the pepper taste?

The Cumeo pepper smells of citrus fruits with intense and delicate notes of blood orange and grapefruit. The Cumeo berries contain plenty of essential oils such as Z, e-citral and citronella which are responsible for the lemon flavor. It also tastes of cedar, eucalyptus and slightly camphor.

What makes the pepper so special?

The Cumeo pepper is a rarity,  it grows wild and is not yet cultivated. The amount  harvested is low and the export difficult.

Its taste is unique and goes well with many different dishes. Traditionally it is used to prepare mushrooms. It also refines desserts and savory dishes with its aroma. I use it with fish, because it gives it a wonderful fresh note

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