Cumeo Pepper from Nepal

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Cumeo Pepper - Grapefruit Pepper - Lemon Aroma

  • Cumeo pepper for mushroom dishes, fish, meat, grilled vegetables
  • Grapefruit pepper is also for the spice mill for mixing with other varieties

What is Cumeo Pepper?

Cumeo pepper, also Grapefruit Pepper, is a real pepper rarity from Nepal (Xynthoxylum) just like our Timut. Due to its delicate aroma, it has quickly become a popular spice in the stars of gastronomy and among amateur chefs in Germany.

Cumeo pepper symbiotes the fruits of the Lindera Neesiana plant, which is a genus of laurel ( Lauraceae). There are about 100 species of lindera, which grow mainly in Asia. Furthermore, the Lindera Neesiana is a deciduous tree with a height of 5-8 meters. In summer, it produces 6-8 mm red fruit, the Cumeo pepper. After harvesting, the grapefruit pepper drys under the sun. During drying, it changes color, from original red to brown to black.

How does Cumeo pepper taste?

The Cumeo pepper smells of citrus (just like our Andaliman) with intense, even delicate notes of blood orange and grapefruit. The berries contain plenty of essential oils such as Z-, E-Citral, and Citronella, which are responsible for the lemon aroma. It also tastes like cedar, eucalyptus, and slightly like camphor.

What is it used for?

Its taste is unique and suits many different dishes. Traditionally, it is used by residents to prepare mushrooms. It also refines with its aroma desserts as well as sweet & sour dishes. I use it for fish, as it gives there a wonderful fresh flavor. Cumeo pepper also refines grilled vegetables and many vegetarian spices, you can combine it well with chili, for those who like it sharper. Many wok dishes and also curry use this pepper as an ingredient.

You can even use it as a table pepper. Just put it in a pepper mill and season everything on your plate at will. It is something special to put the Cumeo pepper, mixed with other pepper varieties, in a pepper mill. You may try it with Voatsiperifery, Tasmanian Mountain Berries, Cubeb, Orlandosidee White or Black. This way, you can combine different pepper aromas individually. Add some freshly ground grapefruit pepper to a homemade yogurt dip for fresh vegetables. Grind the pepper in a coffee mill or mortar just before use.

Where does the Grapefruit pepper come from?

The Cumeo comes from Nepal. It grows wild at an altitude of 1200 m to 2700 meters in the Himalayas, in the subtropical rainforest of Nepal - North India. The harvest is done manually by the residents.

What makes him so unique?

Grapefruit pepper is not only rare because it grows wild. Its harvested quantity is minimal, and the export difficult.

How do I keep Him?

Please keep the grapefruit pepper as well as other spices. It is best to store it in an airtight container, protected from sunlight, cool and dry. The best temperature is 15 °C.

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