What are spices?

Spice is the term used to describe fresh or dried parts of plants such as leaves, fruits, seeds, flowers, barks, sap, or roots of plants. They are used not only as a seasoning but also for food preservation and as a medicine.

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Exquisite spices that star chefs use, to buy since 2005 in the online spice store for private and commercial customers Orlandoidee exquisite spices of the star chefs. Buy the finest spices, herbal spice mixes, fleur de sel, vanilla beans online. Everything your heart desires to refine your dishes can be bought online from us.

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Vanilla Pods Bourbon 16 - 18 cm

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Saffron threads Sargol 1 A buy online

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Black Garlic, Allium Sativum

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Cardamom green - Elettaria cardamomum

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Star Anise - Badian - Illicium verum

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Cinnamon sticks Ceylon type 00000 - 10 cm long

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South African Spice Rub

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Garam Masala powder- North Indian spice blend

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Harissa spice blend - for the Tunisian Harissa-Paste

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Japanese seven Spice, Shichimi Togarashi - Japanese Pepper

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Exquisite Spices Orlandosidee online Spice Store

Exquisite Spices are your passion. Carola Berardi returned to Berlin in 2005. With Cameroon pepper in her pockets. She loves cooking and has the dream of running a spice trade with the best spices in the world. Therefore she starts with the best chefs in this country and offers them her products. They were thrilled and recommended other products for her to sell that they use in the star kitchen. You can not sell pepper alone, so she started looking for the best spices, pepper varieties, and spice blends. Here in the online spice store, you will find a highly aromatic range of spices, gourmet salts such as fleur de sel, dried flowers, pepper rarities, and wild herbs from all over the world in the spice shop.

Do you love to cook exotic? Do you like to stroll through the regional kitchens of this world? A breath of 1001 nights? Here you will also find aromatic spice blends from oriental cuisine such as Ras el hanout, Harissa or various curry powders, masalas (Garam Masala, Tandoori Masala) from Indian cuisine. Do you need saffron? We also have the best saffron in the world, only the upper, dark threads of saffron of quality level 1 A Coupé with the highest coloring power.

The world of exquisite spices

The world of exquisite spices is exciting and delicate. People used to eat what was grown in your region. Thanks to globalization, we have a much more extensive selection of food and spices. We can create a short culinary trip around the world in our kitchens every day. Herbs contribute a great deal to the enjoyment of food. They add flavor and even make your dishes more digestible and, therefore, healthier. You should not underestimate them.

Orlandosidee has a large number of spices on offer, and we would be happy if you rummage with us. Many will be known to you, but some will not. We give you an extensive reference work - our website - at hand. Here you can find out about individual spices before trying them out on a culinary level. We are always trying to describe the taste of the unique products here offered and to give you a few suggestions for their use. We have published a collection of recipes on our other website at www.orlandosidee.de and would be happy if you could browse through them and cook some things.

Spice variety at Orlandosidee: Buy spices in the spice shop

In our online spice store, you will find spices from all over the world and lovingly mixed spice mixes, pepper varieties, and gourmet salt. We create our spice mixes according to recipes from different national cuisines. They are highly aromatic, but you can also refine them further. Spice mixtures make cooking more comfortable, allowing you to cook dishes from other regional kitchens simply. I love curry, ras el hanout, etc. They make it easy for me to bring delicious new meals to the table every day. It is varied and exciting.

Come along and be inspired and seduced to discover cooking for yourself. With a little patience and effort, you will be rewarded. New delicate flavors and fragrances will fill your kitchen. Eating is a joy of life. Even if you have small children, it is possible to cook fresh, even very young love to help prepare and try new dishes. Here are a few recipes for free.

Do you already know long pepper, Bakumba berries, or passion berries? Come in and take a look at our variety of products.

We are available for you in all German regions, and you can reach us online from Hamburg, Lübeck, Bremen, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Essen, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Dresden. Our blends have won the hearts of Europeans, and we are thankful and honored.


In general, they refine the taste and appearance of dishes with their essential oils and aromas. A well-seasoned dish is a culinary delight.

Become a spice master

You can train your sense of taste and smell. Go slowly and explore the aromatic variety of spices with patience. Try new things with courage and learn the differences. We explain each product on our pages, where it comes from, how it tastes, and what you can try it for. Give it a try. Cooking food is a lot of fun, and when something new unexpectedly good comes out of it, it is twice as much fun.

Seasonings and their history

Countless writings indicate that spices have been used to flavor food and beverages for centuries. Spices are mentioned not only in the Old Testament but also in the Gilgamesh epic and ancient Chinese texts.

In Egypt, archaeologists found excavations that date back to 3000 years before Christ in the tombs of pharaohs. The Egyptians use spices as a perfume and for preservation. They use spices to embalm the dead and to appease the gods.

During the period of the Roman Empire, the spice trade was firmly in the hands of Arab merchants. They were extraordinary sellers, legendary traders, and understood the art of doing things. You were careful not to reveal to your customers from where your spice treasures came. So they kept the procurement secret and received a high price for your goods.

Only thanks to Marco Polo, who was very talkative, did much became known about the spice plantations and their trading places. He wrote detailed travel reports about his seafaring, and for this reason, the spice market grew in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

What is spice street?

In the fifteenth century, the prices of spices rose to astronomical heights. The land trade routes to India were firmly in Arab and Persian hands. It was almost impossible for Europeans to get to India by land, so they had no choice but to find a way to India by sea.

At that time, Spain and Portugal were the most potent naval nations. Both wanted to discover a spice route to India first and sent their sailors off. Christophorus Columbus went to Spain for Spain and Vasco da Gama to Portugal. C, Columbus discovered America on his western route and brought chili and Jamaican pepper to Spain. And Vasco da Gama traveled south and managed to find the spice route to India. He reached Calicut at the southern tip of India on May 20, 1498, after a ten-month journey. Vasco da Gama drove around the Cape of Good Hope, along the East African coast to Malindi and then to Calicut.

He came back to Lisbon with many spice samples on board. His way home was much more exhausting than his trip to India. Due to severe storms at the Cape of Good Hope and famines, it took him 1.5 years to travel back to Portugal. He arrived in Lisbon on 09.09.1499. Over the next 100 years, Portugal became the most powerful trading nation. Now the Portuguese could buy their merchandise in India cheaply and sell it expensive in Europe. Shortly afterward, many spice plantations were owned by Portuguese.

In the 17th century, the Dutch contested the domination of the spice trade in bloody battles. Whereas in the 18th century, the English and other colonial powers came to India from other nations. On August 15, 1947, the Indians regained their independence.

Spice Store for exquisite spices and spice blends

Orlandosidee - Spices of Star Chefs - Online spice store for private retail and wholesale.

Have you ever wondered how Star Chefs achieve delicious plates? They use lots of different spices & herbs. Here at Orlandosidee, we offer the finest spices, spice mixtures, fleur de sel, vanilla pods, and more that Star Chefs use in their restaurants. Everything your heart desires to refine your food you can find in our online spice store. Furthermore, we offer Europe-wide shipping, either with GLS or Hermes. Within Germany, you have the choice between DHL and Hermes.

Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment.

After shipping, we will send you an email with the shipping details from the company which you have selected. This will allow you to know exactly where your package is.

Spice variety at Orlandosidee

With us you will find not only spices from around the world, but also lovingly mixed spice blends and salts. Our spice blends have been created according to recipes of different country kitchens. They are highly aromatic, but can also be further refined by you. Spice blends make cooking easier, giving you the opportunity to simply cook dishes from many different countries. I love Curry, Ras el Hanout, etc. These spices make it easy for me to bring new, delicious dishes to my table every day.

Come along and let yourself be inspired to discover new ways of cooking for yourself, family, and friends. With a little patience and effort, you will be rewarded. New delicate aromas and fragrances will fill your kitchen. Food is the joy of life. Even if you have small children, it is possible to cook fresh. Even the very little ones love to help prepare and, of course, try new dishes!

Do you already know long pepper, bakumba berries or passion berries? Come in and take a look at our product variety.

Buy spices in the online spices store

Buying spices, salt & herbs online is a matter of trust. Orlandosidee has been around since 2005, and our success in upscale gastronomy, with retailers and private customers across Europe, our selection and quality products operate for you. Convince yourself and try our products.

We look forward to you.