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Black pepper Orlandosidee®

The black pepper Orlandosidee comes from Cameroon and is, according to our international chefs, the best pepper in the world.

Black gourmet pepper from Cameroon, buy on line herbs and spices in packages from 50 gr - 1 Kg

Why makes this black pepper so unique?

The black pepper from Cameroon grows on volcanic soil. Due to the volcanic soil rich in minerals, the Orlandosidee® pepper has an exceptional character and a powerful aroma. Still today, this black pepper is harvested according to ancient traditions, hand-picked by women of the village.

Black pepper Orlandosidee® is picked when it reaches maturity and instantly dried under the sun of Cameroon. Its original green cover turns black and becomes wrinkles.

How does this black pepper taste?

This extraordinary black pepper has a sharp taste, with delicate woody notes.

What is the Orlandosidee® black pepper used for?

This Cameroon pepper is ideal for the preparation of delicious stews. Add whole peppercorns to your food from the beginning of the cooking time so they can develop their full flavor.

Whole black grains give a round, mild spiciness in a Bolognese sauce. It also rounds off broths with a fuller flavor.

Furthermore, the black pepper is often used as a table spice. Here it flavors vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as grilled meat.

Where does black pepper grow?

Pepper grows in the tropical regions of this earth. The most extensive pepper plantations are in India, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, whereas in Africa, you find small growers.

Since when is black pepper known in Europe?

Black pepper reached Europe later than today's few known long pepper. It was during the time of Alexander the Great of Macedonia in the era of ancient Greek history.

At that time, there was much speculation in Europe whether the white and black pepper stem from the same plant or whether the black pepper is even charred white pepper.

However, all three types of pepper were used equally. The black pepper was cheaper than the other varieties and was used by the middle class and legionnaires.

In the Middle Ages, black pepper became very popular and turned into a status symbol. Also, the priests contributed inadvertently; in their masses, they warned against excessive pepper consumption and thus did the opposite. It was like advertising for pepper in prime time TV at eight pm, everyone attended the fair and learned of the pepper.

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