Borneo Vanilla Pepper

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Borneo Vanilla Pepper, Exclusive Spice Mix from Orlandosidee®

Borneo Vanilla Pepper is a delicate spice blend consisting of two wonderful ingredients: green pepper and vanilla.

The green pepper is picked and dried before it reaches full maturity. This is done to preserve its aromatic, menthol - fresh taste.

The vanilla has a sweet, floral aroma reminiscent of chocolate. Combining these two ingredients results in one of the most aristocratic and best pepper blends that offers the panorama of spice producers.

Among our blends, it is the most sought after product by lovers of unique and inimitable natural flavors. Vanilla, with its large bouquet of perfumes, releases about 170 different floral notes.

The manufacture is exclusively artisanal, without the use of preservatives or artificial flavors, for years the architect of success in various editions of gastronomy. It has become a classic among the professionals in the field. Recommend it to your trusted restaurateur, if he does not know it yet, to contact us.

For its pronounced and original flavor, already crushed, we recommend you make a paste with extra virgin olive oil and use it as a base for meat sauces, fish fillets and marinades.

Borneo green vanilla pepper, can also be used raw, as it is a product of very expensive spices, we recommend a sparing use.

A mix of pepper created by the quirky imagination of our French friends can be found here on our website for the whole of Europe.

The products used in the recipe are simply uniqueness. The secret lies in the correct ratio of the proportion by weight between the two spices. Many times they have copied it, imitated it, but no one has ever come to reproduce our taste. The vanilla needs to have the right amount of moisture, the pepper needs the right degree of ripeness, and last but not least, the mixer needs to know the aromas and combine them.

For a perfect preservation of this mixture, please use airtight glass containers that are kept dry and dark. Remember to close the container well after use.

Ingredients: Bell Pepper - Vanilla Planifolia

Culinary use

Borneo vanilla pepper with its wonderfully rounded aroma is excellent with meat and fish.

You can use it for sauces, soups and marinades

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