Borneo Vanilla Pepper

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Borneo Vanilla Pepper

Vanilla Pepper Borneo exclusive spice blend

  • for steak, fish fillets, vegetable dishes
  • Sauces, soups, marinades, salads
  • Table spice & BBQ

What is Borneo Vanilla Pepper?

Borneo vanilla pepper is a delicate spice blend consisting of two ingredients: green pepper and ground vanilla.

The green pepper is picked and dried before reaching its full maturity. Thus, it has a fresh and highly aromatic menthol taste.

The vanilla has a sweet, floral aroma reminiscent of chocolate. These two ingredients combined make up an aristocratic and, in my opinion, the best pepper mixture in the world.

Among our spice blends, it is the most sought-after product of lovers of unique and inimitable natural flavors.

Borneo Vanilla Pepper - a masterpiece of craftsmanship

The production of this spice mixture is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. There are no preservatives or artificial flavors in this delicious spice blend, only natural vanilla and green pepper. For years it has been the architect of success in various editions of gastronomy. This pepper mixture is now a classic among professionals.

The products used in the recipe are simple. The secret lies in the right mixing ratio of these two spices.
Many times they have tried to copy our recipe but, no one has managed to reproduce this gourmet blend neither its unique taste. The secret lies in the detail and the nature of the products. It is the degree of moisture in the vanilla pods and the ripeness of the pepper berries.

Culinary use

Mix our vanilla pepper with extra virgin olive oil and use it to flavor meat sauces, fish fillets, and marinades.

Our Pepper blend with Vanilla flavors meat such as T-bone steaks, lamb, and fish fillets such as monkfish with its irresistible aroma.

You can use it for sauces, soups, and marinades.

The pepper mixture is also suitable as a table spice, as it is a mixture of expensive spices, but we recommend an economical use.


To preserve spices and blends, please fill them in glass containers, and keep these in a dry, cool (15 °C) and dark place.

Ingredients: Green Pepper - Vanilla Planifolia

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