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Vanilla Powder  Premium ground Bourbon Vanillabeans

  • Vanilla Powder made of 100% pure ground vanilla pods from Madagascar
  • highly aromatic, full of character, sweet
  • For 5oo gr or 1 kg packages of ground Vanilla please sent us an e-mail

What is Orlandosidee Vanilla Powder?

Vanilla powder from Orlandosidee is made from 100% dried Bourbon vanilla pods from the island of Madagascar or Réunion. Only the pods on this island can bear the name Bourbon and, therefore, also their ground sticks. Before these can be ground, however, they have to dry sufficiently to be ground so finely at all. Their moisture content is then around 7-10%.

Vanilla powder is particularly suitable for refining desserts, and in-ground form, it is easy to dose. Our product does not contain any additives such as maltodextrin (very light powder), sugar, alcohol, or glycerin (often included in vanilla extract). It is, therefore, a purely natural product.

Vanilla-powder has the ideal flavor profile for all of your baked goods. Although fresh vanilla pods are, of course, the absolute luxury in your kitchen, they are preferable to extracts or paste. A vanilla pod is not only very expensive, but it also requires skill to process. So it is not necessary to always use whole fresh pods - you can also use the vanilla powder made from natural ground vanilla. It has the complete aroma profile and gives your baked goods their full taste even at high heat, as its aroma components are resistant to heat.

How much vanilla powder corresponds to one vanilla pod?

Vanilla pods with a length of 16-18 cm weigh between 4-5 grams, so 1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder corresponds to one vanilla-pod.

You can also replace vanilla extract with our spice. Here, one teaspoon of extract is equivalent to one teaspoon of natural vanilla-powder.

Culinary use of the ground Bourbon vanilla

Ground vanilla pods are an excellent way to refine baked goods. They give their complex aroma to biscuits, cakes, or even scones. Bourbon vanilla also goes well with spices such as cinnamon, star anise, cloves, ginger, and cardamom. This gives you even more options for use.

The powder refines pudding and ice cream with its taste and ensures the right look. You can't fool yourself into using natural vanilla.

Vanilla goes very well with desserts, whereby gourmet chefs like to refine hearty dishes with our ground vanilla pods. The vanilla's aroma unfolds best when heated and becomes even more intense if you heat it beforehand in a carrier liquid such as cream or milk.

Can you replace the vanilla powder with another spice?

Yes, the vanilla powder can be replaced by the Brazilian spice, the tonka bean. This is similar in taste, but it does not have the full range of natural vanilla aromas. Here you can find all information about the tonka bean.

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Storage of spices

For perfect preservation, I advise you to put all the spices in airtight spice jars. Herbs should also not be exposed to the sun. Otherwise, they will pale and lose their aroma. It is also essential to keep them cool and dry.

Content: 100% ground vanilla pods

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