Vanilla Tahitensis pods Papua New Guinea

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Vanilla Tahitensis pods 16-18 cm from Papua New Guinea

  • Vanilla Tahitensis pods Grade A Gourmet 16-18 cm are broader and more oily than Bourbon vanilla.
    Their aroma is similar to anise, floral and fruity.
    Ideal for ice cream, fish, seafood, fruit, quark dishes, and much more.
    Packing size: 250 gr

Price on request 500 gr - 1 kg

For 500 gr - 1 Kg please sent us an E-Mail

Vanilla Tahitensis pods

Vanilla Tahitensis pods from Papua New Guinea are generally a bit wider, more oily, and have a higher moisture content than bourbon vanilla. Their aroma is not only floral but also fruity. Many describe the scent of these dark brown, almost black pods similar to anise, licorice, wine, or cherries.

Our Tahitenis vanilla pods belong to the highest quality category, Grade A Gourmet. They are used in a variety of ways in upscale gastronomy and by many amateur chefs. Nowadays, it is also an insider tip among Eisman facts. For 1 kg of vanilla ice cream, you need one vanilla pod 16-18 cm long.

Quality category
Grade A Gourmet
Pods length
16-18 cm
dark brown-black
Moisture content
25-38 %
Vanillin approx.
whole Tahitensis Vanilla pods
Papua New Guinea
Aroma profile
fruity, flowery, licorice- similar to anise

for baking (biscuits and cakes) cooking, making ice cream, coffee

pankaes, apples pears, quark dishes

Harmonizes with
cardamom, saffron, cloves, chili, cinnamon, sugar, salt

How do I use Tahitensis vanilla pods?

Cut the pods lengthways and scrape out the pith they contain with the tip of a knife. The vanilla pulp obtained in this way is your spice for delicate vanilla dishes.

You can then put the empty capsule fruit in a glass with sugar or salt for a few weeks to make more vanilla sugar or salt.

Culinary use

The Tahitensis Vanilla is ideal for making vanilla ice cream. Take a pod for up to 2 kg of ice.

You can also use these fruity pods to make cold fruit spreads and compotes or quark dishes.

Furthermore, their aroma goes well with fish, seafood, eggs, strawberries, apples, melon, peach, and rhubarb. Plus, you can mix them well with cardamom, chili, saffron, cloves, and cinnamon in your recipes.


Please transfer all spices into spice jars upon receipt. Vanilla pods, in particular, should be kept hermetically sealed in jars. It is best to store them in a dry, dark place such as a closet or pantry. Under no circumstances should the pods be stored in the refrigerator; otherwise, they could start to go moldy.

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