Isot Biber Chili, Turkey

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Isot Biber Chili, Turkey

Isot pepper

Isot pepper or Urfa Biber is a turkish Chili which is cultivated in the south eastern region of turkey in a city called Urfa.

The Isot pepper is a "mild" chili that builds up its heat over time. It has a smoky, sweet and earthy taste and harmonizes with ginger, chocolate and vanilla.


During the day the Isot pepers are dried under the sun and at night wrapped up tight to sweat overnight. This technique ensures that the Isot pepper keeps its own natural oil and does not dry out completely. In this process that is repeated for a week the color of the Isot biber chili changes from red over deep burgundy to purple hued black. The the chili is ground and salted.

Ingredients: isot biber pepper, salt , vegtable oil

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