Long Pepper

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Long Pepper,

Long pepper
Pepper long - Bar-pepper-Bengal pepper -Piper longum
The pepper long is also commonly called pole pepper or bengal pepper, and its botanical name is Piper longum. It is widely used in India and therefore originates. The pepper long is the name of the whole pepper - piper.
The pepper long has fallen into oblivion with us, whereby he had its entry into Europe, before the pepper grains known to us. At that time, at the time of Alexander the Great was peppered with pepper in Europe. Also with the Greeks and Romans, the pepper was long known as a cure and spice.
The pepper long is like the black pepper sharp whereby its sharpness is stronger and in contrast to the black pepper the long pepper has no flowery notes but after licorice and dark chocolate.
It is a pity that the pepper has long been forgotten because it is versatile with its aroma. The star gastronomy has rediscovered it for itself and it is worth itself to go on the trail and cook with him.
Its aroma
Pepper long has a sharp, warm and at the same sweet flavor of liquorice and dark chocolate. It is sharper than black pepper but not pungent.
Culinary use
· Pepper Lang is ideal for refining wine sauces. Just add a pepper in the sauce.
· Use pepper long to prepare vegetables, poultry or meat broths.
· Also for vegetarians, the pepper is a delicate variant to black pepper. It goes well with grilled as well as stewed vegetable dishes.
· Pepper long saladdressings, herbal quarks or cheese dips a special note.
· Pepper long spices naturally also meat, game and poultry.
· A delicious herb butter seasoned with pepper long is also a great highlight to the barbecue evening.
· For a special occasion, they can also boil a strawberry jam with pepper. This then for breakfast or with a piece of cheese. Simply delicate.
· For the summer when preparing ice cream, you can also add pepper long. Fits perfectly with fruit ice cream like mango sorbet, strawberry ice cream or vanilla.
· You can also put the pepper long into a spice mill. You can also combine it with other delicate pepper varieties such as cube pepper,
You can also cut the pepper first and then grind it in a peppermill or leave it on the whole and gently rub it with a spice like a nutmeg.
Please store the pepper long cool, airtight, dry and naturally light protected like all spices.

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