Whiskey Pepper - aromatic sensation

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Whiskey Pepper - unique taste

  • The Whiskey Pepper has a unique taste
  • Malabar Pepper ❤️ Single Malt Whisky
  • for carpaccio, or steak 
  • Pepper specialty

Whiskey pepper - a great idea for the kitchen

Whiskey Pepper is a delicious pepper variation for the creation of fancy meals. An interesting new and rather rare taste experience becomes possible when Whisky meets black Malabar pepper. The peppercorns are transformed into a tasty experience while they take a delicious bath in single malt whiskey. The popular whiskey, which originates mainly from the Anglo-Saxon area, is a fine distillate made from rye.

How does the Whiskey pepper taste?

The black Malabar pepper soaks for a few days in the exquisite single malt whiskey and loses a little bit of its sharpness. Thereafter arises a completely new and unique taste experience. After the bath in the single malt, the pepper takes up two percent of the alcohol and pervades with new flavors. Its new blends of flavor are particularly suitable for carpaccio, steak or delicious roast venison. Please either grind or mortar the black Malabar pepper as soon as the meal is ready to be seasoned.

Special features of the black Malabar pepper

After the Whiskey bath, the pepper can show whitish traces. This variation in appearance is due to the manufacturing process. These are sugar parts from the single malt whiskey that connect to the grains. They are by no means bad or a disadvantage. On the contrary, you can see at first glance, that it is original whiskey pepper. Alcohol sugar commits the process of crystallization. And it causes the pepper to absorb the sugar particles at its curves. The fact that the Whisky Peppercorn finally has the white dots gives him a natural trademark. Another feature is that this outstanding pepper variation is made in Germany.

Whiskeypepper - soon on all tongues

These Gourmet Peppercorns are a perfect gift for cooks who love to try new flavors. Those, who, come across this exciting culinary product on their own, should not miss the chance to order exquisite spices here. Season your steak, carpaccio, or dark roast venison with it. It is still an insider's tip. So spread the word. And it will soon become more and more prevalent.

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