Malabar Pepper - Black grains

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Malabar Pepper, Black Pepper grains. Buy from Orlandosidee® Exquisite Spices since 2005.

It is a very aromatic black pepper, which has its origin like the pepper plant itself in India. Exactly in southern India on the Malabar coast, which is also called the pepper coast. There are two delicious pepper varieties from this region. On the one hand the Malabar pepper and on the other the Tellicherry pepper. The Tellicherry pepper is a late vintage pepper.

King of spices

Pepper is our oldest and most famous spice. He is also the "king of spices". He was brought to Europe many hundreds of years ago. First by Arab and Persian traders over land and later by the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama who discovered the sea route to India. Pepper was at times more valuable than gold. In the Middle Ages it was even a means of payment.

What is pepper

Pepper is the fruit of a vine plant. This plant has twigs that can reach up to 10 m long, and with heart-shaped leaves. It grows in the tropics and needs a lot of water without being in the water. It thrives best in hilly areas where the water can drain.

Harvesting and Processing

Black pepper is picked immature and dried under the sun, turning it several times a day. His original green cover turns black and becomes wrinkled.

Culinary Use

Pepper is used in all the cuisines of this world, it provides a round taste with a mild pungency when cooked whole, in sauces. He marinates meat before frying it or grilling it. It goes well with caramelized fruits and jams. It has an earthy note and is always used together with salt for seasoning.


Please put all spices in an airtight container. Although I highly recommend screw cap glasses. They are translucent (except they take brown pharmacist glasses) but you can clean them very well. 5 minutes in boiling water and they are sterile. Then store the spices cool (15 ° C) and in a dark and dry place.

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