Tellicherry Pepper, Black Pepper

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Tellicherry Pepper - Organic Germ-reduced (cleaned in steam)

Tellicherry Pepper is a black pepper of the category TGSEB Extra Bold (extra-large peppercorns) Biosteamed. Buy it comfortably here in our spices shop of Orlandoidee, which we have been operating since 2005.

Tellicherry Extra Bold Black Pepper from India

Tellicherry pepper is a black Pepper in grains EXTRA BOLD (Organic Steamed) from India. It is considered one of the best pepper varieties in the world. Besides, it comes from the famous pepper coast of India - the state of Kerala. It is the most widely used black pepper in Italy.

The aroma of black Tellicherry Pepper

It's a very aromatic pepper, and its color is dark reddish-brown to black. Its taste is particularly spicy and intense, even slightly nutty with citrus-like aroma and spicy. It goes very well with dark meats as well as intensive tasting fish.

Botany Piper Nigrum

The pepper plant Piper nigrum grows in the tropical forests of India. Unlike other black peppers, the Tellicherry is not immature but ripely picked. That's why it has a more intense taste. Due to its enzymes, the pepper begins to ferment (its outer shell) and turns dark. It dries under the sun of India, which makes its outer structure scurrying.

Quality Selection Extra Bold

The unique Tellicherry grains EXTRA BOLD are an exclusive selection of large grains. These large grains indicate long maturation on the plant and a synonym for a better quality in the pepper world. The organic sterilization (Bio Steamed) of our Tellicherry pepper, guarantees a natural cleansing, and thus natural disinfection of the grains.

Use this pepper best in mills with ceramic grinder. Inexpensive grinders could have trouble with the pepper, which would be annoying. You can also crush the Tellicherry pepper in a mortar. I prefer this when I prepare a roast, for example. In broths, I give it in full form.

It refines pasta with tomato sauce of Neapolitan cherry tomatoes, grilled meat, mainly beef, lamb, intensely tasty fish fried or grilled, and vegetables.

Storage of Spices

Please store all peppers in airtight containers. I recommend glasses with screw cap closures. They are not only practical because you can sterilize them in boiling water, but also environmentally friendly.

Store all spices cool, dark, and dry.

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