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The White Orlandosidee® Pepper is the best in the world, according to our Gourmet Cooks.

Why is Orlandosidee® Pepper special?

The Pepper grows on volcanic soil. Volcanic soil is proven to be very rich in minerals, and Peppers grown on volcanic soil have a distinctively rich, pure taste. The Pepper has a uniquely strong yet eclectic flavor. It is aromatic and hot. It is the best of its kind and rare at the same time. There is only a small amount available to the world market.

The white Orlandosidee® Pepper is the most aromatic Pepper. They harvest it when the berries are fully ripe and washed over the following days in natural spring water to free it from its outer shell. The Pepper's heart will be dried directly under the sun Cameroon's and selected by the hands of the village women. They choose only the most significant and most perfect peppercorns for this product.

The pepper plant: Piper nigrum

The pepper plant is a tropical vine that needs a lot of rain but can not stand in the water. Otherwise, its roots will rot quickly. It has a height of up to 10 meters in nature. In culture, it is kept at 3 to 4 meters, so the harvest is easier. Their leaves are up to 20 cm long and have a heart shape.

The pepper plant is hermaphrodite, and its flowers fertilize each other. The resulting fruits, the pepper fruits grow on 3-15 cm long panicles. They are first green, then yellow and red at mature.

The harvest of pepper grains takes place twice a year during the dry season.

Production of white and black peppercorns

The production of white and black Pepper is different. The creation of white Pepper is more elaborate and carries the risk of crop failure due to bad weather and bird feeding of ripe pepper berries

Black Pepper is obtained by picking the still unripe berries and leaving them over the night. It triggers a fermentation of the outer shell of peppercorns, and it turns black. Further drying in the sun causes the peppercorn to become wrinkled.

For the production of white Pepper, they don't harvest the berries until they are fully ripe when the corn turns red. Then they are soaked, and the outer shell replaced. What's left is white Pepper.

It originated in the mountainous hinterland of southwestern India, the famous Malabar coast.

What do I use white peppercorns for?

White Pepper goes well with light meats varieties and especially with grooved fish fillets. He has a wonderfully pungent aroma. It is best to grind it before use, ideally in a pepper mill.

It gives grilled vegetables and other vegetarian dishes a pleasant spiciness. Also suitable for salad dressings and dips.

How do I store Pepper?

Fill your spices into airtight containers. Also, store them away from direct sunlight in a cold and dry place.

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