Andaliman Pepper , Zanthoxylum acanthopodium

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Andaliman pepper, Zanthoxylum acanthopodium - buy spices on line

for pepper lovers, tastes fruity and prickles on the tongue.

What kind of a spice is it?

The Andaliman pepper, Zanthoxylum acanthopodium, belongs to the plant family of the rhododendrons and are also called citrus plants (lat. Rutaceae) and is related to the Sichuan pepper. The berries come from an evergreen shrub that grows wild in the Northern Plateaus of Sumatra.

The Andaliman pepper is a rarity, it is not cultivated to this day, but grows exclusively wild. The harvest is difficult and is made by local residents. The berries gathered in the ridges are dried in reeds under the Indonesian sun, losing a lot of their weight. After tedious collection and drying, 90% of the weight of the berries is lost, we speak of this pepper rarity Andaliman pepper.

The aroma of the pepper

The aroma of the Andaliman pepper is unique. It is a harmonious mixture of pink colored grapefruit, blood orange and hibiscus as well as a note of tangerine and orange.

The appearance of the pepper

The Andaliman pepper looks very similar to the Szechuan pepper. They are brownish to black broken, dried and wrinkled berries.

Culinary use of the pepper

The Andaliman pepper is suitable with its fruity touch to fish and seafood. It refined vegetarian dishes with its citrus flavor. Try it in the salad or to avocado.

Andaliman pepper is particularly suitable as table pepper. Put them in a pepper mill and give them to fish, seafood, goat's cheese, salads, but also soups.

Make your own delicious pepper mixture. Green them for example the Andaliman pepper with cube pepper and black Orlandoosidee pepper in a pepper mill and hand it to grill meat, vegetables and barbecue fish.

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