Grüner Pfeffer Schockgetrocknet
Grüner Pfeffer Schockgetrocknet aus Kamerun

Green Orlandosidee® Pepper

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Green pepper dehydrated from Orlandosidee®

  • green peper dehydrated taste fresh & fruity
  • spicy & full of flavor
  • ideal for green pepper sauce for steak
  • Salad & Fish

Green pepper Dehydrated - Buy spices online.

Green pepper dehydrated Orlandosidee®. Buy high-quality pepper online in the packaging that best suits your needs.

Green pepper dehydrated that has received the treatment called cryoessiccation. It is a much better green pepper in flavor, decidedly more expensive due to this special treatment. It was named one of the best peppers in the world by chefs.

The special treatment of dehydrated green pepper

The freeze-dried process is purely technological. This process removes water from an organic substance and keeps almost 100% of its original taste for many years. In this case, the pepper is treated in its original state to minimize the loss of flavor and structure. This process is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food companies for organic matter, or in our case for the preservation of the taste of pepper. Freeze drying is the process to get the best result for preservation compared to cheaper techniques, which are not as reliable and do not give the same effect.

After the harvest, the green pepper is shipped quickly for processing; the time between harvesting and freeze-drying should not exceed ten days.

Freeze-drying takes place in 3 stages.

The first is freezing or quick freezing with various methods and temperatures ranging from minus 30 to -50 degrees Celsius.

then the second

The second, called Sublimation or Primary Drying, begins at 20 degrees Celsius.

and the third

The third is called a cholesterol disintegration or secondary drying. The remaining water is removed very precisely by increasing the temperature on the surface of the product (no more than 60 degrees Celsius) and lowering the pressure. At this point, the green pepper's residual moisture goes from 10% to around 1% to 3% in the end.

The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Benefits of this particular pepper in the kitchen

The advantage of green pepper using this technique is conservation without any influence on the original flavor. Easy transport because it is much lighter than the original product. Quick and complete re-tractability in case you want to work the marinated product. The odors, the flavor, the color, and the characteristics so well preserved, keep for many years.

Being able to respect all these characteristics means having a green pepper, which gives a lot more flavor. You can calmly use a smaller amount of product and reduce its initial cost.

This great spices goes well in a mill mixed with other pepper varieties like Cumeo, Assam, Voatsiperifery or long Pepper.

Dehydrated green pepper in gastronomy

Freeze-dried green pepper is recommended on all dishes of great gastronomic value. Same for fish and meat, to fully appreciate its quality, we suggest immediate use at mealtime ideal for serving directly at the table. With freeze-dried green pepper, each dish will be an event.


How to store it? For optimal storage, don't forget to use waterproof glass containers or jars, away from sources of moisture or direct sunlight.

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