Voatsiperifery (Piper borbonese) ist ein würzig, scharfer Urwaldpfeffer mit einem frischen Zitronon Aroma. Er stammt aus Madagaskar.

Madagascar pepper - Voatsiperifery, bush pepper

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Madagascar pepper - Voatsiperifery, bush pepper

Madagascar Pepper - Voatsiperifery, jungle peppers - Piper borbonese

The Madagascar pepper Voatsiperifery  is a still relatively unknown pepper variety. It has been around for only 5 years. You can get it only in some specialty shops - like ours Orlandosidee  spices .
The Madagascar pepper Voatsiperifery (Piper Borbonense) is the fruit of the "Tsiperifery" tree. This is a tropical vine plant of the genus pepper. It grows in the jungle on the south east side of Madagascar. Like every pepper plant, the Voatsiperifery plant needs tropical climate to prosper. It needs lots of water, without standing in it, otherwise the roots of the three rotten. The Madagascar pepper plant is tall and can reach a height of up to 20 meters. For this reason it is now trimmed to 2.5 meters. Earlier, the harvest was either dangerous for the harvesters or for the forest, as the hosts were simply felled to get these precious Voatsiperifery peppers.

The Voatsiperifery Peppers are the red ripe berries of the Tsiperifery tree. They are oval and have a stalk. After harvest, they change their color while they dry. First red they turn to brown-black. The Madagascar pepper looks a little bit alike the Kubeben pepper but it is smaller and has a different taste.

The aroma of Madagascar pepper Voatsiperifery

The flavor of the Voatsiperifery pepper is woody, spicy with a sour lemon flavor. It is excellent for seasoning red grilled meat or lamb. Also try it to season salads or red fruits.

In France, it is used by a star cook in his chocolate creations. In Madagascar it is used for a sauce served with a fillet steak.

Try it for seasoning cheese, it really has a unique flavor.

Add the Voatsiperifery Pepper alone or with other peppers to a pepper mill. Season your barbecue food.

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