Madagascar pepper - Voatsiperifery, bush pepper

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Madagascar pepper - Voatsiperifery, bush pepper

What is Voatsiperifery pepper or Madagascar pepper?

The Voatsiperifery pepper (Piper borbonese) or even the Madagascar pepper is a still relatively unknown pepper variety. Only for about 5 years he is in some specialty shops to get - as well as our Orlandosidee® spices. If you want to surprise your loved ones at home with a new taste, this delicious pepper is particularly suitable. It is suitable for meat lovers as well as for vegetarians. The Voatsiperifery has a unique woody - spicy and spicy flavor with a refreshing lemon note.

What do you use this pepper for?

For vegetarians, it's worth trying the Voatsiperifery pepper on grilled vegetables. He also spices strawberries and other exotic fruits with his wonderful touch.

Traditionally used in Madagascar for grilled meats. The Voatsiperifery is an absolute must in the approaching barbecue season. He goes well with grilled meat but also grilled fish. I have already tried Him on Halimi and found that the Voatsiperifery delicately refined this grill cheese.

A French star chef refines his chocolate desserts with the Voatsiperifery. I gave it the last time in the couverture for my Florentine. This has additionally delicately fresh on the tongue. Here you will find a Florentine recipe: http://www.Orlandosidee®.de/rezepte/Dessert/florentiner.htm

It's best to put a pepper mill with Voatsiperifery pepper on the table at the next opportunity. Try it yourself or with friends, what makes this pepper special.

Also mix pepper with other pepper varieties. Experimenting, cooking and spicing should be fun, find your own mix, something special for yourself.

Where does the Voatisperifery pepper come from? Which plant is it from?

Voatsiperifery (Piper Borbonense) is the fruit of a tropical vine plant of the genus pepper called "Tsiperifery". It grows in the tropical jungle in the south - east of Madagascar. The pepper plant prefers tropical climate. That means, it needs a lot of water, but it should not be in the water, otherwise your roots will rot. The high humidity of the jungle provides the Voatsiperifery pepper with the water he needs to thrive. The Voatsiperifery pepper plant can grow up to 20 meters high, which makes a harvest very difficult. For this reason, the vine plant is regularly trimmed to 2.5 meters. In the past, trees were mostly felled to get the Voatsiperifery pepper. That was doubly bad, not only was the jungle cut down but the pepper plants were destroyed too.

Voatsiperifery peppers are the small red ripe fruits that grow in panicles of the tsiperifery tree. They have an oval shape and a small stem. They are similar to the Kubeben pepper but are much smaller. After the harvest of the still fresh red Voatsiperifery pepper it is dried. It turns brown - black like its kindred black pepper.

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