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Cubeb pepper, whole grains, we offer bags to buy from 50 gr - 1 Kg on-line- Orlandosidee® -Exquisite Spice Shop.

Where does it come from?

Cubeb pepper comes from Indonesia, Piper Cubeba belongs to the family of pepper plants. Due to its appearance, it has a small stem, it is also called tailed pepper or stalk pepper. The pepper plant is a tropical vine that bears white flowers. The fruits are small, green berries, the Cubeb pepper. The berries are harvested green just like black pepper and dried under the sun, whereby their shell turns black.

The Cubeb pepper is experiencing its renaissance today. Although it has been cultivated in Java since the 16th century and 200 years ago it has been a well known substitute for pepper in Europe it has been difficult to obtain here since the 19th century. Thanks to our celebrity chefs, who brought it back to everyone's lips. Today, many amateur chefs know the Cubeb pepper from cooking programs on TV and recipes from the Internet. Demand is rising steadily but he is still rare.

Culinary use

Cubeb pepper is spicy, bitter, slightly lemon-tasting, with a warm-camphor-like aroma. Its flavor is a combination of pepper, allspice and nutmeg. It is preferably combined with other pepper varieties and can thus bring its benefits to a dish. In combination, he spices marinades, broths or even soups. It is best to add the Cubeb pepper at the end of the cooking process. When the temperature is under the boiling point you can add it to broth, sauce or soup. This way you get the best out of the pepper, it gives off its wonderful lemon flavor and does not get bitter.

Cubeb pepper can also be added to other peppers in a pepper mill and then spice up your food at the table. In this form, the Cubeb pepper not only gives the food its sparkling sharpness but also the invigorating, camphor-like, lemon-tasting freshness. Especially in the grill season on grilled salmon or steak a wonderful flavor to add.

Why not spice up your herb butter with Cubeb Pepper?

Due to its dominance, I recommend you to get to know the Cubeb pepper first and use it sparingly. Combine him first with other spices. He is something very special and his aroma needs tons of feeling in your fingertips.

Cubeb pepper is used in the Indonesian, Asian and North African cuisine. It is part of oriental spice blends. It fits curry with lamb, poultry and beef. He also spices seafood and crustaceans with his unmistakable aroma.

Cubeb pepper goes well with cardamom, turmeric, laurel, thyme, cinnamon, sage, pepper, pepper, curry leaves.

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