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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder - Queen of Ceylon

Ceylon cinnamon powder - Cinnamomum zeylanicum (also known as c.verum) - offers the highest quality and safety for enjoying this spice.

It is made from the ground bark of the cinnamon tree. This ground cinnamon comes from the Ceylon cinnamon tree, Cinnamomum Verum, and has a low coumarin content. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices on earth and originated in Ceylon.

Ceylon cinnamon has a sweet and aromatic aroma and is not limited to Christmas baking. It enhances the flavor of drinks like tea and coffee, as well as desserts and Moroccan and Indian stews.

Ceylon cinnamon powder is commonly used in artisanal food laboratories and high-profile restaurants. There are numerous popular dishes that incorporate this spice, not only in the enchanting cuisine of Southern Europe but also in Northern Europe. In modern and international cuisine, Ceylon cinnamon powder is used in a wide range of desserts. It adds a subtle perfume, flavor, or delicate aristocratic aroma to dishes.

It pairs well with the following spices: cloves, allspice grains, nutmeg, vanilla, coriander, mace, star anise, Szechuan pepper, cardamom, ginger, fennel.

Why is Ceylon cinnamon powder healthier?

It is important to note the dosage of coumarin in cinnamon. One kilogram of Ceylon cinnamon contains 190 mg of coumarin, which is much lower compared to Cassia cinnamon, which contains 700 mg/kg. Excessive consumption of coumarin can potentially cause liver damage. However, when consumed in the correct dosage, the coumarin content in cinnamon poses no risk. The maximum tolerable daily intake is normally 0.1 mg/kg body weight.

A teaspoon of cassia cinnamon powder contains 2 to 4 mg of coumarin, which is below the tolerable daily dose recommended by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Over the years, the acceptable daily dose has been reduced from 2 mg/kg body weight to the current 0.1 mg/kg (source: EFSA).

What are the properties of cinnamon?

Both Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon are associated with anti-diabetic properties. In ancient times, cinnamon was used as a medicinal preparation for colds, coughs, and heart problems. One of the most studied and consistent abilities of cinnamon is its potential to lower plasma glucose levels and alleviate hunger.

How to store cinnamon powder

As a fine powder, it is recommended to store cinnamon powder in an airtight glass container with a wide opening to preserve its freshness and aroma.

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