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Nutmeg ground - Myristica fragrans - The nutmeg has a spicy and warm aroma, while its fragrance is sweet with highly aromatic notes of camphor and cloves. Finely ground nutmeg refines their dishes.

Culinary use of nutmeg ground

Ground nutmeg fits very well in light sauces or soups and aromatizes mashed potatoes or cauliflower puree. In addition, Muscat gives your food a wonderfully earthy touch.

It refines sweet potatoes, egg, cheese, cabbage, and pumpkin with its unique taste. You can also season chicken, fish, veal, lamb, seafood, or mutton with it.

Ground nutmeg is an ingredient in many spice blends.

Muscat is a widely used spice and part of many different spice mixtures. Orlandosidee® - Online Spice Store offers nutmeg in spice blends: Raz el HanoutTsireTabilGaram MasalaCookiesColomboColorado, Texas BBQ RubCariocaBerbere.

Muscat - Good to know

Muscat dispels nausea but please, use it sparingly. Finally, more than 5 grams can lead to hallucinations and impaired consciousness.

The plant and the cultivation of nutmeg

The nutmeg tree, Myristica fragrans, is an evergreen, whereas the nutmeg the seed of that tree is, and the mantle of that seed is called mace. Both products are spices. Orlandosidee offers both products, individually or in combination.

The nutmeg tree bears apricot-like fruits. These fruits have a yellow color and white flesh. Inside this fruit is a hardcore - nut with a black-brown peel. The mace surrounds the shell, and under the black-brown cover is the nutmeg.

The Muscat Tree (Myristica fragrans) has a height of 5 to 18 meters and is an evergreen. He earns his first income at the age of eight, with the highest yield at fifteen. It originated in Indonesia. But today, it is also cultivated in other countries such as South America, Africa, and tropical Asia.

the harvest of nutmeg

The nutmeg tree bears fruits throughout the year, and the harvest takes place in June, July, and August. For the harvest, they pick up the mature fruits from the ground. Then they remove the peel, the pulp, and the seed mantle of the mace and dry them separately from the nut. The black-brown seeds are then dried in drying rooms for 6-8 weeks on grids on large wooden shelves until the brown nuts rattle. Only now are the hard shells broken, and the nutmeg is born. In the beginning, the brown nuts are still soft, so they are dried even further until they become stiff. A tree brings up to 100 kg of nutmeg and mace.

Storage of spices

Put the ground nutmeg in a well-lockable container and store it protected from light. The room condition should be cold and dry.

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