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Cookies spice mix

Our highly aromatic spice blend, Cookies Nonna Amelia is made according to an old family recipe by our beloved Grandma Amelia. This fine mixture is suitable for biscuits, cakes and various desserts. It is a blend of flavors, fragrances and flavors that evoke memories of childhood, where I baked delicious cookies with my patient granny and the whole apartment was bathed in a delicious fragrance.

For those who love a natural kitchen with no laboratory ingredients, this is the ideal mix. Only fine spices are used in this mixture. It refines cakes and cookies with its unique flavor. The degree of grinding of the mixture is very fine and resembles a powder to ensure a perfect integration into the dough of biscuits or cakes.

Natural spices have the characteristic of imprinting aromas in their containing essential oil, in these products that no laboratory product can actually reproduce. Baking will add even more flavor to those who love a real kitchen and spend a few cents more. Our regular customers include craft businesses all over Europe, which have successfully decided not to use industrial laboratory ingredients and specifically choose their products.

This mixture can also be further refined and flavored with other products such as pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts ... You have a wide range of applications, let your imagination run wild.

When I have time, I like to read the web portals of end-consumer recipes, I am delighted to see this renaissance in the use of natural products, and I congratulate the degree of culinary development that is now being achieved.

The mixture emphasizes the typical flavors of the ingredients used. She has a sweet touch of honey in the background, so she is especially loved by children. It also fits in pancake dough.


In order to preserve the aroma of spice mixtures for a long time, they should fill these in glasses with screw cap closure. Before the glasses, let sterilize for 5 minutes in boiling water. Store your spice jars dark, dry and cool.

Ingredients: Orange, allspice, anise, coriander, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves. May contain traces of mustard and celery.

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