Anise ground - not just a Christmas spice

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Anise ground

  • Anise ground sweet aromatic fragrance
  • tastes of licorice
  • refines spicy and sweet food
  • flavors fish soups, sauces, cakes

Anise ground - Pimpinella anisum

Anise ground is a special spice. It is not only suitable for baking sweet pastries during the Christmas season but also for international cuisine.

The fresh ground seeds taste aromatic sweet & spicy. Also, its component Athenol gives them a seductive licorice taste.

Culinary use of anise ground

Anise is particularly suitable for refining spicy and sweet dishes. The Indian cuisine seasons virtually all chai tea variations as well as grill marinades with it. It doesn't matter if the marinade is for fish or meat. This spice suits both. It also likes to bake bread.

The oriental cuisine uses the fragrant spice for roast lamb or beef. Fish soups also get an unforgettable aroma.

Please try the ground anise in milk rice or semolina porridge. I recently refined the crepes dough with a little anise. I found it very exotic in combination with pineapple jam.

It also goes very well with fresh fruit, especially aniseed oranges, mango, and pineapple. Just add some of the spice powder to the fruit and mix it.

Christmas Spice in Christmas Bakery

Anis is a Christmas spice and must not be missing in the Christmas bakery. It aromatizes stollen, gingerbread, aniseed fingers, and gingerbread. Besides, our special spice blends like Pain d'épice from Colmar, gingerbread spice, melange Francaise, and cookies include aniseed.

Spice up Drinks

The oil of the anise has an antiseptic effect and is part of cough juices and cough candies. Anis is a popular spice in the production of spirits. Among other factors, it is responsible for the aroma of raki, sambuca, or pastis.

Combine Anise ground with the following spices

Anise goes well with fennel, cardamom, black garlic, vanilla beanscumin, poppy seeds, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, allspice, star anise, and cinnamon.

Botanical information: Pimpinella anisum

The anise plant belongs to the family of the umbel family and grows to 60 cm high. The aniseed seeds are harvested at the beginning of ripening and matured in warehouses until they are throttled and suitable for consumption.

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