Mélange d'épices françaises -French dessert mix

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Melange Francaise - Melange Francaise Dessert Seasoning

Mélange d'épices françaises (spice mixture)

French dessert mix - Mélange d'épices françaises

This French dessert mix is ideal for preparing crepes and waffles. Buy Mélange d'épices françaises and other spice blends online in our spice shop.

Mélange d'épices françaises - to buy here, a fine French spice mixture for desserts. Orlandosidee® is an European spice Store. We offer selected spices and mixtures in different container sizes for private customers, gastronomy and merchants. Buy whenever you have time in our online shop we are there for you 24 hours a day.

Mélange d'épices françaises has an excellent aroma profile. The different spices have been finely and harmoniously balanced and are suitable for lovers of the typically fine French taste. This spice mixture refines desserts such as honey cake, crêpes, pancakes, ice cream, pastries or crème brûlée.

Put this aromatic spice mixture into the cake batter for an apple or pear cake. She is a dream, this fine blend of warm and fruity notes of spices. It refines your cake in a wonderful and unforgettable way.


Please fill all your spices and spice blends in glass jars with screw cap closures. I highly recommend them, they are eco-friendly and easy to clean. (5 minutes in boiling water and they are sterile) Store your spice jars protected from the sun in a dark, cool and dry environment.

Ingredients: cinnamon, anise, cloves, allspice, fennel, mace

May contain traces of mustard and celery.

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