Fennel seeds

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 Fennel seed - Foeniculum vulgare- Fennel seeds are the fruits of the fennel plant. 
The plant belongs to the family of umbelliferous and has its origin in southern Europe,
the Mediterranean region. The fennel plant is winter hard and is among one of the oldest
cultivated plants of the world. In the olden days the Romans enjoyed fennel as a vegetable,
while the fennel Indians prefer are the seeds as a spice and herb.

At the present time, fennel is an often used vegetables, spice, and medicinal plant worldwide.
The fennel plant can reach a height of 2 meters and has delicate leaves that bloom yellow.
Fennel seeds are the dried fruit of the plant.

The vegetable fennel itself is a tuber is enjoyed as a salad or vegetables eaten accompaniment
to fish. The Italians eat fennel fried with sardines over pasta. French love to Grill fish on
a bed of fennel especially fish such as perch or mullet.

Fennel seed has a mild spicy sweet, anise-like flavor with a warm sweet scent. Through
toast the fennel seed and they develop a sweet taste.

Today, all around the world Fennel seeds are a valued and used spice. In Iraq they
 know that fennel seeds develop combined with flour their wonderful aroma so they
 bake bread with her and Nigella (black cumin) for this reason. In Italy, she spices
 with Rosemary up the famous pork roast porchetta. As well as the famous Finocchiona,
 which is the Florentine salami. In India they use fennel to produce the traditional
 spice mixtures curry and Garam Masala which refine sauces, vegetables or lamb dishes.
 In China they mix the five spices with fennel as a main ingredient for meat and poultry dishes.
In general one can say that fennel fits very well with fish, seafood, pork, duck, cucumber and tomato.