Red beetroot powder

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Rote Beete Pulver, fein gemahlen kaufen

  • Rote Beete Pulver hat einen süß - erdigen Geschmack
  • verfeinert Smoothies, Joghurt, Milchspeisen, Eis, Suppen
  • setzt farbliche Akzente auf Ihrem Teller

Beetroot powder, finely ground for the production of smoothies and much more

The beetroot is a typical winter vegetable. It is called in Germany also beet. In Switzerland it bears the name Rande and in Austria they are also known under the name Rahner. Their Latin name is beta and that of all beet beta vulgaris. The vegetable belongs to the Fuchsschwanzgewächsen and is a biennial plant. Close relatives of the red beets are the chard and the sugar beet.

Beetroot powder from Orlandosidee® has a sweetish taste. It was made from dried beet and finely ground. It is a nature product and contains no additives.

Beetroot powder: culinary use

The beetroot powder is versatile in the kitchen. Their delicate sweet taste refines smoothies with the characteristic earthy but much milder aroma of the beetroot. The powder is also used for coloring foods. Its red color makes pasta light up and enchants mashed potatoes. Fine cookies or home-made ice cream can handle a bit of this red powder.

Experiment with the beetroot powder and surprise your family with unimaginable taste creations that will be a feast for the eyes. Boredom does not exist anymore. You can also boil rice with some beetroot powder or add a splash of color to a quark dip.

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