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Flower Pollen - Shop On line Flower Pollen in bags from 50 gr up to 1 Kg. Orlandosidee® Europe's Spice Merchant

The flower pollen are used for sexual propagation of seed plants. The Flower pollen are spread by wind, water and animals. Flower pollen can be a problem for humans because they trigger allergies in some people. Humans use flower pollen primarily for nutrition and / or food supplement purposes. The flower pollen, taste slightly sweetish, contain amino acids and are rich in proteins.  The proteins of the flower pollen possess also enzyme functions.

In addition flower pollen contain vitamins from the B group. Therefore, flower pollen are often used for the production of food supplements. These are said to have a variety of effects, including the alleviation of pollen in hay fever, digestion problems and nervous weakness.

What is more controversial is the effect of these substances with regard to the prevention or stopping of hair loss and with potency problems. Flower pollen is sold both in dried form, as well as in the form of capsules and juices or nectar. Capsules, juices, etc. often also contain further additives, ie, a further vitamins are added to them.

Often, these products also contain jelly royal or propolis, which should also have a health promoting effect. These combination products, however, are more expensive than pure flower pollen products.

The products are generally advertised with their content of unsaturated fatty acids, protein building blocks, in particular arginine, histidine, lysine and L-glutamine, as well as the vitamins from the B group (mentioned above) and the additional content of these Minerals and trace elements. More than 100 biologically active substances have already been detected in flower pollen up to the present time.

Quelle Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker

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