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Bee pollen whole and multi-colored from Spain

Buy bee pollen here in the spice shop conveniently online. You can choose the amount you need from 50 gr to 1 kg.

What is bee pollen?

Bee pollen is the small male sperm of a flower. The busy bees collect them to take care of their offspring. The pollen grains come in different forms, between the spherical and the oval. Additionally, their color can be yellow, reddish, brown, white, or blue-greenish.

How is bee pollen collected?

When a bee lands on a flower, it starts collecting the nectar. The tiny pollen gets caught on the coat of the bee's legs. The bee strokes them again and again and then brings them into the beehive.

Pollen grains are very rich in protein and nutritional substances and represent the essential food source for many insects. When the grains are still in the natural stage of pollen on the flowers, that is, in fine powder.

As with honey, however, humans make use of the bee's work. The beekeepers attach fine, close-meshed nets to the entrance of the beehive so that the bee strips off the bee pollen at the gate. The designated container then collects these.

Food supplements - Legal notice

We have researched for her about the active ingredients of the bee pollen. This information only serves as initial information. They have not been checked for accuracy by a doctor. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any complaints and what treatment he recommends.

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