Spinach powder, green, Superfood

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Spinach powder, green, Spinacia oleracea 

  • Spinach powder for smoothies or dyeing pasta
  • gently dried leaf spinach - finely ground

Spinach: the vegetable plant

You find Spinach powder even under the names garden spinach, or vegetable spinach. Since antiquity, the people in the Mediterranean use it as a vegetable, and it seems to have its origin in southwest Asia. The Spinach is a one-year-old vegetable plant with a height of 50 to 100 cm.   

Not only Popeye loves spinach, but children also love it in the pureed version with a dash of cooking cream. Here in Germany, you like to eat it with fried eggs, as a side dish.

Culinary use of spinach powder

The spinach powder has a pleasantly light taste. You may mix it into juice, water, or smoothies this way you create your superfood drink. It is also suitable for dyeing pasta, or pastry, so give it a try. Like the food industry, mix some vegetable powder into the fresh pasta. That way, you make green tagliatelle, tortellini with cheese filling, or even lasagna leaves.

Spinach powder: the production

To produce vegetable powder, the producers have to gently dry the vegetable leaves. So they do not destroy their healthy ingredients. Afterward, they grind the dry leaves.

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