Turmeric - Yellow Curd Curcuma longa

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  • Description

  • Turmeric (yellow root) has an earthy & peppery aroma
  • also tastes with fish, meat, poultry, rice, eggs, spinach, lentils, beans, and eggplant suitable for Smoothies & Golden Milk
  • seasons & dyes food golden yellow
  • alternative remedy

Turmeric - Yellow Curd - Curcuma longa

TurmericCurcuma longa, is a bright yellow rhizome, an underground tribe, or an antler-like rootstock. It looks very similar to the ginger, but it has a deeper yellow color. Like the ginger, this plant belongs to the family of ginger plants, and they cultivate it in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia.

Mainly it is used as a spice but also as a colorant in the food industry. Nowadays, the Indian population consumes about 80% of the world-produced root.


After the harvest, they cook, peel and dry turmeric in the sun for about ten days before grind it. While drying, the root loses about three-thirds of its weight. Because it is difficult to grind the dry root, they do not sell them but grind them immediately after the harvest.

The aroma

Turmeric has an earthy, complete, and pepper alike flavor. It also smells somewhat woody with a slight note of ginger. Finally, it gives your food a yellow color implicative of saffron and gives you a lightly earthy-bitter taste.

Culinary use

Turmeric refines many dishes and not just Indians. With its unique warm-earthy flavor, it refinishes stews and vegetable dishes. It dyes and flavored not only rice but also beans and lentils. In Europe, Curcuma longa is often used by the food industry as a dye for margarine and cheese. It suits fish, meat, poultry, rice, eggs, spinach, lentils, beans, and aubergines. You can also use it to aromatize drinks such as yogurt drinks, smoothies, and golden milk.


Turmeric is an ingredient in lots of blends, among others; you can find it in the following spices: Colombo, Vadouvan, Curry, Massala sweet and Massala hot spicy, ColoradoNasi GorengRaz el HanoutAfrican RubLamb Tajine, Wat and many more.

Turmeric storage

Please always keep turmeric protected from sun rays. Otherwise, its beautiful color fades.

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