Masala sweet - Indian saffron

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Masala Mauritius sweet - Indian saffron

The sweet Masala Mauritius is also known as Indian saffron, is a spice blend according to a recipe from a Mauritian family. It's prepared after a very old recipe, transmitted from generation to generation in the old tradition. It is an aromatic blend of different spices and herbs.

The care, the love and the professionalism in the combination of the ingredients let the different flavors melt together. Because of the perfect harmony of all the contained ingredients, one can speak of a symphony of flavors and hence explain his name "Indian saffron".

The sweet Masala is more tender and noble than the ordinary curry. Recommended for stews or vegetable soups, with white or red meats, seafood sauces and clams. The ideal mix for vegan and vegetarian sauces with a variety of vegetables.

In our online store, we have two variants in sales (sweet and spicy), just to give everyone the opportunity to taste this beautiful mix.

As it is an expensive mix compared to other curries, we recommend a sparing use. It is a Masala for parties or special receptions, on these occasions you will surely see your guests trying to discover your secret.

In contrast to the spicy version, the sweet Marsala has a fresh touch thanks to dill and licorice.


Please store your spices and spice mixtures always in a dark, dry and cool place. I recommend you to fill all products in glasses with screw cap closures. These are easy to clean. Five minutes in bubbly boiling water and they are sterile. You can also reuse these and thus they protect the environment.

Ingredients: turmeric, licorice sticks, mustard, coriander, sugar, dill, ginger, salt, fenugreek, basil, cumin, celery, chili, garlic.

Masala Mauritius sweet - Indian Saffron - Buy here online in our Spice Shop.

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