Green Curry Powder Bangkok

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Bangkok Curry Powder

  • Buy Green Bangkok Curry Powder
  • Aromatically spicy with a medium heat
  • For Thai green curry dishes
  • Seasoning blend for vegetarian or vegan curries
  • Here in the spice shop, you can buy 12 variations of curry powder.

Green curry powder Bangkok

  • Buy green curry powder Bangkok
  • aromatic-spicy with a medium heat
  • for Thai green curry dishes
  • Seasoning mix for vegetarian or vegan curry
  • Here in the spices shop, you can buy 12 curry powder variations.

Green curry powder Bangkok: aroma and taste

Green curry powder Bangkok is an excellent curry flavor due to its medium hotness and its aromatic and spicy taste. It is something extraordinary among our mixtures, and it consists of the following ingredients: coriander green, turmeric, leek, parsley, ginger, garlic, cumin, fenugreek, pepper, dill, chili, and onion. All spices of this mixture are finely tuned and give the perfect harmony for a typical Thai green curry.

Culinary use of the Indian spice mix

This green curry goes well with vegetarian and vegan dishes. You can use it creatively, like any other curry, so it refines all kinds of meat dishes, fish, soups, rice, and also spreads created from vegetables. Put it in yogurt or curd as a green curry dip with vegetables. It’s just delicious.

Ingredients: coriander green, turmeric, leek, parsley, ginger, garlic, cumin, fenugreek, pepper, dill, chili, onion.

Allergens: May contain traces of celery and mustard.

Origin curry powder

The word curry derives from the word Kari, which means Asian stew dishes. These dishes also have a creamy sauce and are prepared with many spices. India, however, does not use curry powder; it was an invention of the English at the time of the colonial period. At that time, the English enjoyed the delicately spiced dishes and wanted to take the aroma home. The first curry powders were created.

The Asian curry dishes are made with different spices, and the recipes vary from region to region. That is why we also offer you a large selection of 12 highly aromatic blends.


Please put all your spices and spice mixtures into jars with a screw cap. After all, they can be cleaned well in boiling water (5 minutes are sufficient) and secondly because you can seal them airtight so that no moisture can penetrate from the kitchen. Store these glasses away from the sun, dark, dry, and above all, cold.

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