Cumin - Jeera - Cuminum Cyminum

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Jeera-cumin - Latin name: cuminum cyminum - Buy on-line - Europe's Spice Shop

Cumin seeds are a popular spice - Cuminum cyminum - and belongs to the umbel family. These are the seeds of this annual Asian plant. The cumin originated in the Egyptian Nile Valley and is today cultivated in the eastern Mediterranean.

Cumin are elongated brown seeds that have a slightly notched surface. It is very important as a spice in North African, Greek and Turkish cuisine. Cumin is also used extensively in the Middle East. Cumin has an appetizing effect and is therefore often used for starters. It also supports the digestion of flatulent and fatty foods.

The Aroma

Cumin has a strong, spicy sweet smell with a full, slightly bitter and pungent taste. Due to its persistent sharpness, use sparingly. It is an intense spice that many people love right away, but others need to get used to it. As a lover, you can also make cumin seeds out to an even more intense flavor by slowly roasting the seeds in a fat-free pan before use.

Culinary use

Cumin is popular in many regions of the world and is an integral part of different country cuisines. In Germany, cumin is used in sauerkraut. In Holland, cheese is refined with it, such as Gouda cheese. In Spain, it is often combined with other spices such as saffron, cinnamon or anise. A favorite appetizer of Spain, the Pinchitos Morunos (Moorish kebabs), are seasoned with cumin.

The Turkish cuisine, Kimyon, is spiced with cumin. Turkish dishes such as kofte or red lentil soup are seasoned with cumin. In Lebanon, fish dishes are made with cumin.

Cumin for vegetarian dishes

Cumin flavors delicious vegetarian dishes. It perfumes rice, potatoes, and also pasta. Use it to make vegetable couscous or for the great chickpea dip hummus.

Other dishes include the Mexican chili con carne, Mergues sausages, breads, chutneys, aubergines, cabbage, pumpkin, lamb, potatoes, beans, chicken, rice, lentils and meat stews. As you can see cumin is versatile.

Spice mixtures with cumin

Because of its unique warm aroma, cumin is part of many spice blends. At Orlandosidee® there are the following spice mixtures with cumin: African Rub, Baharat, Berbere, Carioca, Colorado, Curry Goa, Garam Masala, Harissa, Lamb Tajine, Massala Sweet, Tandoori Massala, Vadouvan and Churrasco.

Spices that go with the cumin

There are many spices to pair with cumin. In contrast to caraway, cumin is not so dominant and therefore also pleasant with other spices combined.

Here's a little list for you to experiment with:

Coriander, oregano, paprika, mustard, garlic, turmeric, ginger, chilli, fennel, nutmeg, mace (curry) curry leaves, thyme, pepper, cinnamon, ajwain, fenugreek, cardamom

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