Spices by country

Spices sorted by country.Orlandosidee your On line shop for exquisite spices. Here you find all the different spices categorized by International kitchens. Come in and join us. Take a culinary journey through the countries of this world and read all about the  used spices.


Ground Ginger - Zingiber officinale


Cardamom green - Elettaria cardamomum


Turmeric - Yellow Curd Curcuma longa


Coriander seeds - Coriandrum Sativum


Cumin - Jeera - Cuminum Cyminum


Mace - Myristica Fragrans


Nutmeg Ceylon - Myristica fragrans


Cloves - Syzygium aromaticum


Nigella - Black Cumin


French Chili Piment Basque, Ustaritz, France,


Pine Nuts - Pinaceae China


Saffron threads Sargol 1 A - ISO Norm 3632-2 Crocus sativus


Black Sesame Seeds - oriental spice


Star Anise - Badian - Illicium verum


Sumac - Turkish spice


Licorice root - Glycyrrhizin glabra


Tonca beans - Dipteryc odorata - Brazil


Wasabi Powder - Japanese Spice Blend


Cinnamon flower buds - Cinnamomum cassia


Cinnamon sticks Ceylon type 00000 - 10 cm long