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Macis - Mace

Macis - the flower of nutmeg is used in many different dishes. The Macis blossom has an extraordinary strong but pleasant smelling incense.

Mace is the seed coat of the nutmeg. The muscat fruit looks like a peach and is 5-8 cm tall. Inside is a nut which is surrounded by the mace. The nutmeg is the endosperm of the nut (the inner of the nut).

Macis - muscat blossom has a resinous - aromatic flavor. It is finer, with a sweeter taste compared to the nutmeg.

Macis and nutmeg are widely used in the North Indian cuisine. They are used, among others, for stews and yogurt sauces.

In Europe we use these spices for egg, cheese and potato dishes. Macis, for example, refined Dresdner Stollen.