Ginger ground - Zingiber officinala

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Ginger ground - Zingiber officinala - one of the most used spices in Asia - Buy on line Europe's Spice Shop

Ginger is the root (the rhizome) of a perennial, reed-like plant of the ginger plants (Zingiberaceae). The ginger grows in the tropical climate and needs nutrient-rich soil. The ginger is used as a seasoning either fresh or dried and ground. To grind the ginger, it is harvested 10 months after planting, peeled, dried and finally ground.

Ground ginger tastes spicy and has a lemon-like flavor with a peppery note.

Ginger is one of the most widely used spices worldwide. Not necessarily in Europe but in all tropical and subtropical kitchens of the world. The Japanese cuisine uses fresh ginger juice for marinating meat. Pickled ginger is served to the sushi to neutralize the taste after individual bites. Salads are also seasoned with ginger in Japan.

The Chinese cuisine uses ginger like a universal spice. It refines broths, rice dishes, poultry or fish.

Ground ginger is an ingredient in many spice mixes.African Rub, Colorado, Colombo, Curry Goa, Curry Java, Creole Spices, Lamb Tajine, Tandoori Masala, etc.

Ginger fits perfectly together with cardamom, cloves, peppers, peppers, cinnamon, saffron and nutmeg.

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