Lamb Tagine spice mix - Maroccan seasoning

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Lamb Tagine spice mix for spicy braised Moroccan cuisine

  • Lamb Tagine spice mix for Maroccan cuisine
  • aromatic blend for stews cooked in a Tagine
  • delicate taste, reminds of 1001 nights

Lamb tagine spice mix for stews of all kinds.

Our Lamb tagine Spice mix is ideal for the North African cuisine and the countries of the southern Mediterranean. They are generally known for the use of a wide variety of exotic spices and the production of tajine dishes.

Tajine is a specially shaped clay pot, and they use it as a saucepan in Morocco. In a tajine (or tajine), you can prepare all kinds of stews (fish, meat, vegetables) on low heat. Thanks to this gentle preparation, not only are many vitamins preserved, but the ingredients also develop their full taste. Traditionally you use a tagine on an open fire, but you may use it on all types of stoves and in the oven. If you don't have a tagine, you can also use a simple pot with a lid. It is a beautiful way to add new flavors and variety to your cooking routine. Use chickpeas, carrots, eggplants, and dates for your lamb tagine.

Typical spices used in the "tagine" include pepper, cayenne pepper, cardamom, fennel, caraway, nigella, bell pepper, allspice, pepper, garlic, coriander, mustard, turmeric, chili, ginger, and fenugreek. You can find all these spices in our finely ground mixture. Herewith you receive a delicate and unmistakable taste after 1001 nights.

If you want to refine the flavors further while cooking, you can add aromatic herbs such as dill and mint, which you can also find here in the online shop under the category wild herbs. Generally, you use this spice mixture very generously. You can also use this aromatic spice mixture to prepare a vegan or vegetarian tagine. Serve everything with couscous or rice.

Storage of Herbs & Spices

Please put all your spices and spice mixtures in jars with screw-top closures. Glass Jars are just practical; they can be cleaned easily before use, which is always a little wrong with cans. Sterilize glasses in boiling water and label them with a water-resistant pen. Store your spice jars in a dry, dark, and cold place so that you can enjoy your products for a long time.


Fenugreek, cayenne, cardamom, fennel, cumin, black cumin, bell pepper, allspice, pepper, garlic, coriander, mustard seeds, turmeric, chilies, ginger,

May contain traces of celery and mustard

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