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Amazonia Pepper blend for BBQ - Buy here on line your spices

BBQ Pepper Amazonia - with South American Spices

Buy our BBQ Pepper Amazonia and other highly aromatic spice blends in our on line store, with packages of various sizes for your needs.

Our BBQ Pepper Amazonia is a blend we dedicate to the green lung of our beautiful planet, it's a very aromatic blend, ideal for marinating meat and fish, expertly spicy, to flavor any dish with an inimitable taste.

This seductive pepper blend is often used in international meat barbecue competitions. In Brazil, this is one of the most used BBQ mixes. It goes well with the typical Churrasco barbecues and Picanha. Picanha is the tail of beef with its layer of fat and is used in the Brazilian kitchen for grilling with churrasco and our BBQ mixture. It is similar to the Italian "beef codon".

In winter, when it's difficult to grill, I use this mixture of pepper to season pork ribs, chops or lamb chops. In this case, the mixture is used once before frying and then after frying.

In summer you can season with this mixture, also sardines or mackerel before the grilling. For those who love freshwater fish, we recommend seasoning grilled or foil-fried trout.


For a long preservation of the mixture so that it does not lose its original aroma and odor properties, it should be refilled with glasses after opening the original packaging. These glasses are easy to clean and environment friendly. Store all spices away from sources of moisture, in dry, cool and dark environments. When using the mixture as a sauce, i. When mixed in virgin olive oil, it should be well covered with oil so that the spices do not oxidize with the air.

Ingredients: pepper, chilli jalapenos, peppers, garlic, onions, sea salt, Levistik, smoked paprika, cane sugar, vegetable oil from different seeds.

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