Marco Polo - Pepper blend

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Marco Polo  - Seasoning - Pepper blend

Pepper Marco Polo - oriental spice mixture - fruity, floral and spicy - buy on line here in our Spices shop.

Our pepper mix with spices from the Orient is called Marco Polo and is a perfect mix of pepper and spices. It has a delicate and fragrant taste, available in various weight formats, among the options of our on line store.

We called this delicious mix "Marco Polo" to honor our Italian ambassador, writer, traveler and trader. His family belonged to the Venetian patriciate. Together with his father Niccolò and Uncle Matteo he traveled far into Asia, discovered the Silk Road and crossed the entire Asian continent to get to China. His bold and rousing character stands for this wonderful crossover flavors and smells that releases this blend of pepper. A unique blend, with a delicate, rounded taste, with delicate aromas that gently accentuate the pepper.

This mixture, filled in transparent pepper mills, not only looks beautiful, it also accompanies all the dishes you serve to your guests with its soft taste.

Culinary use

With this mixture you can season soups, vegetables, meat and also fish. The oriental touch of cinnamon and star anise, awakes sleeping taste buds and the aroma of coriander and orange leaves a delicate fresh flavor. Let your imagination run wild - dive into the fascinating scents of the Orient and perfume your food with this unique blend.

This spice blend is not intrusive, it is a delicate enrichment with fruity, floral notes.

If you decide to give away pepper mills for your friends' holidays or birthdays, we advise you to fill them with this mix, the joy will be double.


Please give all spices after receipt in tightly seal able glasses. Best which with screw cap closure. They are environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Before use, you should place your glasses in bubbly boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilize. All spices should be stored cool (15 ° C), dry and dark (protected from the sun).

The Ingredients are: pepper, cinnamon cassia, orange, coriander, Jamaican pepper, star anise.

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