Taormina - Orange Pepper Blend

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Pepper Taormina spice mix with peppery orange flavors.

  • Pepper Taormina, spice mix with orange flavor
  • celebrates Italian cuisine
  • for fish, seafood salads, pasta
  • for vegan & vegetarian dishes

What is Pepper Taormina?

Taormina is an excellent blend of pepper with a delicate but intense orange scent. We dedicated this pepper blend to the beautiful and lush Italian tourist town of Taormina. In honor of Sicily, this famous and essential island for spices in Italian history. Here the Arab merchants crossed for centuries with their incredible variety of flavors in their luggage. Sicily stands for an incomparable cuisine with thousands of recipes and a variety of flavors that you cannot find anywhere else. Seasonal cooking takes place here with fresh ingredients.

When you close your eyes, you immediately think of the famous Sicilian red oranges, whose perfume penetrates your nose at the end of lunch. The selected pepper and the other finely crushed ingredients are expertly mixed and also dosed to honor the scent of the "arancini" and all its floral nuances.

Culinary use of orange pepper

This pepper mixture is, by nature, the most suitable mixture for fish and seafood salads. Put some of this pepper mixture in the dough for "arancini," the fruit substances increase their taste. Excellent to enrich the pasta, as well as those with squid ink or with anchovies and capers.

I love to use this mixture on the baked swordfish or cook fennel sausage with oranges and bread. It also goes well with chicken with pine nuts. Another tip: Use this mixture to season the dough for "Sarde a Beccafico."

In other words, this blend of pepper is universal and versatile. You can experiment with new recipes, from fish, meat, vegan dishes, or traditional dishes, let your imagination run wild.

Please try our spice blend for fisch El Pescadore or the Borneo vanilla pepper.

Since it is an exquisite mixture, we recommend that you keep it properly. Remember to close the containers in the cabinets after storage and store them in a dry place to avoid direct sunlight. When well preserved, the Taormina mixture retains its original properties for many months.

Ingredients: pepper, orange, salt, sugar, natural orange oil.

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