El Pescatore Fish Seasoning

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El Pescatore - spice preparation for fish dishes - buy on line spice mixes. Buy Spices and Seasoning for Fish |on line

Do you like to eat fish ? Then our mix El Pescatore is just right for you. It refines all fish dishes and can be used to marinate fillets or seafood.

Fish is not only tasty but also healthy. Experts advise us to eat fish at least once a week. It is high in protein and contains vital omega 3 fatty acids. There are countless fish varieties and different cooking methods. You can cook, grill, steam or roast fish. There are varieties with solid or tender meat. It's worth to get acquainted with fish and I'm sure everyone will find one that tastes good to himself.

Culinary recommendation

I like to use salmon fillet and Viktoria perch for frying. Dorade, sea bass and also salmon as a whole fish cooked in the oven. For this you can also put the fish (for example the sea bass) in aluminum foil on a bed of vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, fennel) and season with our El Pescatore. I like to cook octopus - Pulpo and then prepare it as a salad.

The spice preparation goes well with fried fish fillets or grilled sea bream. But please try them for other dishes as well.

Ingredients: parsley, onion, garlic, pepper white and black, chili, salt, glutamate Allergens: May contain traces of celery and mustard.

Storage of spices

Please hand over all spices and mixes to a glass with a screw cap. I recommend these as they can be cleaned in boiling water for five minutes and then they are sterile. Please store your spice jars dark, dry and cool.

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