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  • Description

White pepper ground spicy in taste

  • Ground white pepper is ideal for light sauces
  • Cream sauces or bechamel
  • for white meat and fish
  • Vegetables, salad, dressing - vinaigrettes

White Pepper

Ground white pepper has a pleasantly pungent taste. It can be used universally and is sharper than black pepper. In no case should it be missing in your spice cabinet! The pepper powder is effortless to dose and is therefore particularly suitable for soups, sauces, and marinades. It also refines light-colored meats such as veal or pork. He also improves fish fillets, seafood, or pulp.

Culinary use of ground white pepper

Ground white pepper is ideal for seasoning light cream sauces or bechamel. You can easily dose the ground pepper. Try it in your salad dressing or vegetable bake. Pepper is also needed for vegetarian and vegan dishes.

What is pepper?

Pepper is the fruit of a tropical tendril plant and the most famous spice alongside salt. The leaves of the pepper plant are slightly heart-shaped, leathery, and green. They reach a length of approximately 20 cm. Also, it bears white flower spikes with a diameter of 3-15 cm and 50-150 single flowers. The plant is mostly hermaphrodite and therefore pollinates itself. After fertilization, the peppercorns, which belong to the stone fruits, emerge from the pretty individual flowers. The pepper plant bears the spice for the first time in the third year, and from this point onwards, the pepper can be harvested twice a year.


For the correct storage of ground spices, I recommend you to pour them into spice jars with a screw cap. These are particularly suitable for dry storage, which means that they can avoid a significant loss of aroma. In principle, all spices, whether ground or always wholly, should be stored cool, dry, and dark.

Please sterilize your spice jars in boiling water for five minutes before filling. This way, you can prevent contamination of the product.