Garlic ground - Allium sativum - Asian spice

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  • Description

  • Enhance your dishes with garlic powder, perfect for lamb, poultry, beef, and vegetables
  • Perfectly harmonizes with robust herbs like thyme and rosemary
  • Ideal for butchers' needs

What does ground garlic powder taste like?

Ground garlic powder has a slightly burning, sweet, and typical garlic taste. Besides, you describe the smell as pervasive and strangely sharp.

Culinary use of ground garlic

Garlic is used in numerous international dishes and also goes well with all-powerful herbs. It is also one of the three most essential spices in Asian and Oriental cuisine, alongside onions and ginger.

Ground garlic is not only ideal for refining your dishes, but it is also very easy to dose. It also has the advantage that you cannot accidentally bite a clove of garlic.

Use this powder to season your herb butter for meat, fish, or bread for the next barbecue. In addition, it is ideal for tsatsiki, herb curd, and salad dressings.

It is also a popular seasoning for us: salad dressings, meat (chicken, lamb, pork, veal), fish & seafood, salads (potatoes, peppers, tomatoes), curd cheese, garlic sauce, and tomato sauces.

Well-known dishes with garlic

In France, they traditionally serve snail-garlic butter. Aioli is found in Spain and southern France. A sauce made from olive oil, garlic, and salt. In Italy, there is spaghetti Aglio olio.

Botanical information on garlic

The garlic plant belongs to the lily family and most likely has its origin in Southwest Asia. It is a perennial with a stature height of up to 60 cm. Your onion or tuber, which we use as a spice, usually consists of 12-20 toes.

The garlic is harvested after 4-6 months and then dried under the sun. After drying, they are often tied together or ground into braids.

Storage of spice powder

Please fill your spice powder into jars with screw caps after receipt. Please always store all spices, airtight, dry, cold, and protected from the sun.

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