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Chile Guajillo ground, Buy online here Orlandosidee® Spice shop since 2005.

Chili Guajillo orange-red, ground, USA -scale scale from 1-10: severity level 5

Guajillo Chili is one of the most widely used chili varieties in Mexico. They have a beautiful earthy orange-red color when fully ripe and belong to the medium-high varieties. Furthermore, they have a really extraordinary aroma. They taste of a blend of green tea and berries with delicate notes of pine and tannins. Due to this flavor profile of sweet and earthy smoky, they are particularly suitable for refining hearty dishes.

Chili Guajillo is used in Mexico for seasoning salsa, soups, stews and sauces. You can use the powder for all dishes.

Guajillo powder is also often combined with the Ancho Chili. Many Mexican dishes use these varieties together.


Chili peppers come from Mexico and were discovered by Christopher Columbus in his search for pepper. He brought the chili peppers to Europe.


Chilies belong to the nightshade family and there are more than 150 varieties. The chili plant grows to a height of about 60 cm and has white flowers. The pungency of your pods depends on the climate, where it thrives and on the maturity of each chili pod. Their color ranges from green, orange yellow, red to black.

The Chili Guajillo powder are crushed Mirasol chili pods of the genus Capsicum annuum. These pods grow upright on the plant and reach a length of up to 15 cm and a width of 2-3 cm. In October, harvest time, then the ripe pods are dark red. After drying in the sun, they are ground and packaged.

Storage of spices

Please refill all of your spices and spice mixes into jars with screw cap. Put these glasses in bubbly boiling water for 5 minutes to make the glasses sterile before pouring in their spices. The jars then store dark, in dry environment and cool.

In addition to the Gujillo powder, we also have other chili varieties on offer. If you like it spicy you should also try our other varieties: Chili Ancho, Chili Habanero, or the smoky turkey Isot Biber.

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