Cardamom Cane Sugar for coffee creations

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Cardamom Cane Sugar 

Cardamom Cane Sugar has a delicate caramel flavor paired with the oriental fragrance of Cardamom.

Raw cane sugar with ground cardamom

This delicate sugar with cardamom from Orlandosidee® has a refined caramel flavor accompanied by the spicy taste and oriental fragrance of cardamom. Cardamom is a very precious spice. It has a distinctive sweet and spicy, sharp aroma and gives off a scent of honey, lemon, and roses. This sugar is suitable for all fresh drinks, but especially for coffee and tea. It is recommended for the production of baked goods and desserts, but also luscious cocktails.

Cardamom coffee is "Qahwa," a trendy flavored coffee in the Middle East. In Ethiopia, this is called "Buna." The old Arabic tradition always has drunk spice coffee, with cardamom, but also with cinnamon and nutmeg.

If you want to try a spicy drink, you can easily make it at home. Commonly, the cardamom is mixed with the ground mocha beans, but they can cook a regular mocha and then refine with our sugar. Try various coffee creations with it and let us now how you made them.


Raw cane sugar is sugar from sugarcane - Saccharum officinarum. Sugarcane itself is a tropical plant (Poaceae) and comes from East Asia. It grows to a height of about 3-6 meters with a diameter of about 2-4.5 cm.

There are three types of sugar made from sugarcane. The white sugar is more than once refined, secondly the light brown sugar, the raw cane sugar (has a molasses share and therefore has a slight caramel taste), and the full cane sugar. The latter is not refined and remains natural, the concentration of molasses is high, and therefore this sugar has a pronounced caramel taste.

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