Tahiti Spice Blend - seasoning for desserts with Vanilla

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Tahiti Spice Blend for desserts

Tahiti Spice blend is a delicate spice mix for desserts - pastries, cakes, and ice cream.

This delicate spice mix for sweets and ice cream is on sale for bakeries, craft businesses, artisan ice cream parlors, retail and private customers in different container sizes.

What ingredients has Tahiti Spice blend?

The Tahiti spice blend is an aromatic blend of the most delicate and most precious spices. It is made from lemon, cardamom, mace, and vanilla and is ideal for preparing desserts such as pudding, cake, ice cream.

How does this spice mixture taste?

This mixture of spices is extraordinary. It has a delicate and balanced aroma of the different ingredients, is seductive and inviting. The mix of vanilla with ist delicate chocolate aromas, coupled with the spicy AROMA from cardamom, exudes ist scent of lemon, eucalyptus, sandalwood, rose, and honey. It is rounded off with lively lemon and the floral notes of the mace blossom, which also give this mixture a little depth.

It is excellent for refining sweets and ice creams, and it gives them an exotic touch.

The natural ingredients - the spices - of this mixture are now among the most expensive in the world of spices. It is precisely those that exude an infinite variety of aromas such as vanilla that make this spice mixture something special.

A finely ground mixture in powder form that enables use in endless recipes. For ice cream, it's the perfect summer taste that recalls the flavors of this beautiful island of Tahiti.

Culinary use of our dessert spice blend Tahiti

This gourmet spice mix with vanilla, mace, lemon and cardamom, flavored fruit desserts, ice cream, milkshakes, and other sweet preparations. You can use them in the dough for cakes and cookies or in pancakes.

For a fantastic tiramisu, mix some of the Tahiti mixtures into the mascarpone.


I recommend you pour all spices and spice mixtures into jars with screw top closures. These are environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Place your spice jars in sparkling boiling water for sterilization for five minutes before filling.

Store all glasses in a dark, cold, and dry place.

Ingredients: lemon, cardamom, mace, vanilla.

Buy this delicate spice mix for sweets and ice cream online, container sizes on sale for bakeries, craft businesses, artisan ice cream parlors, retail and private customers.

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