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Gingerbread Spice mix - Pain d'épices

Gingerbread Spice mix for the Christmas bakery. Is there anything more beautiful than fresh, homemade gingerbread at Christmas time? Not in my opinion. Here you can buy the suitable gingerbread spice online in our spice store. Our spice mix is ​​just right; it has a warm, spicy taste due to its high-quality spices. We mix them fresh from cinnamon, allspice, fennel, anise, and cloves. The best match is a warm mulled wine made with our Tyrolean mulled wine spice.

Gingerbread spice mix, Colmar - That's the taste

Every year at Christmas time, no one gets around sweets. There are many typical Christmas treats such as squares, Elisen, macaroons, dominoes, and gingerbread to buy anywhere in the supermarkets. I prefer to bake gingerbread with this delicious spice mixture myself.

Put this excellent mixture in your dough, and you will be amazed by the spicy warm aroma of this delicious gingerbread spice mixture. You can even drink with these biscuits a self made mulled wine with our delicate mulled wine spice blend.

With this mixture, you can bake not only gingerbread but also flavor other desserts. Put some of the gingerbread spice mixtures in your ice cream or use it to refine your café or cocoa. It also goes well with festive roasts in sauces.

Culinary use

You can use this Pain d'épice for baking bread. It refines cookies and other desserts such as the typical French creme brulée and crepes.

It flavored cocoa, café, sauces, and ice cream. If you are a fan of Christmas flavors, you can think of many other options.

What is gingerbread spice made of, and where does it come from?

The mixture is made from aromatic plants that smell of honey and has its origins in ancient China. Developed in the 13th century, it has been a specialty of the city of Dijon since the 19th century. This excellent pain d'épice allows you to bake a superb honey bread and gingerbread at home.

Ingredients:cinnamon cassia groundanise, ginger, allspice, coriander, mace, cloves, cardamom ground, pepper

Allergens:May contain traces of celery and mustard

How do you store spices?

Upon receipt, please transfer your spices into jars or other airtight containers. Store them in a cold, dry, and dark place.

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