Pepper Varieties from around the world

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Buy Pepper varieties from around the world

Pepper: Black, White, Green

The Pepper plant is a flowering wine with approx. 700 different kinds. After the third year the plant grows fruits and this up to 30 years. The pepper plant can grow up to 10 high, she needs a shady place and lots of water.


Andaliman Pepper , Zanthoxylum acanthopodium


Borneo Vanilla Pepper


Cumeo Pepper from Nepal


Cubeb Pepper Java


Selim Pepper - Xylopia awthiopoca


Guinea Pepper


Passion Berries, Ethiopia




Timut Pepper - Nepal


Madagascar pepper - Voatsiperifery, bush pepper


Tasmanian Pepper - Mountain pepper - Tasmania lanceolata


Green Pepper, India


Green Orlandosidee Pepper


Pink Pepper


Red Kampot Pepper, Cambodia


Red Long Pepper, Cambodia


Long Pepper - Piper longum


Orlandosidee Pepper Mix


Sarawak Fantasia


Orlandosidee Black Pepper Cameroon


Malabar Pepper - Black grains


Lampong Pepper Black


Sarawak Black Pepper


Tellicherry Pepper, Black Pepper


Orlandosidee Pepper White


Muntok White Pepper


Sarawak White Pepper


Amazonia - Pepper Blend - BBQ


Marco Polo - Pepper blend


Taormina - Orange Pepper Blend


Pepper black ground 1 Kg


Pepper white, ground, Vietnam 1 Kg


Pepper black, coarse 1/8 grain, 1 Kg